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  1. Do you really need both the events?
  2. It is hard to read. Could you place with the code tags.
  3. Though found a backdoor approach.. Adding below to the header worked for me.

    eg. Panel.down('header').add([{xtype: 'tbtext',text:'<a href=""'}]).
  4. The html property does not work for me at all in ExtJS 4.1. The ExtJS places an img tag in the container of the tool, even if I don't want to use any icons and on the other hand, the html code does...
  5. Awesome Explanation. Thank you.
  6. Now i got it. Somehow i missed this point. Thank you mberrie for the perfect explanation.
  7. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.02 rev a

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF3 (firebug installed)
  8. Thank you. But how can i address this issue in scenarios where the data is not yet available while creating the store?
  9. Below is a sample data and field mappings. It is not displaying any data for the mapping columns (using 4.0.2a). If we use proxy/reader, it works fine.

    var mydata = [{name:'jonathan',...
  10. Sorry for the confusion. Below is a sample data and field mappings. It is not displaying any data for the mapping columns (using 4.0.2a).

    var mydata = [{name:'jonathan', city:'sanjose',...
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    Yes, but no luck. I see the data in the proxy's 'data' attribute, but it is not loading to store on load() event. The data is being loaded only when i exclusively call loadData(). I think it is...
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    just want to mention, one more thing. I can load the data and see the data in the grid (but without any pagination) by using store.loadData(myData).
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    I am not able to achieve the pagination for my grid(ext4.02a). I am seeing the toolbar but with nodata displayed. I observed that data is not getting loaded even after call to the store.load event....
  14. The column mapping for the grid is not getting recognized(using 4.0.1 version). Am i doing something wrong? My code looks something similar to this.

    testStore = Ext.create('',...
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