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  1. Here is where i found my solution:
    You could similarly format your date that way.

    Here is how i solve my problem:

  2. oh, my fault, i thought the failure-call works here in a similar way to Ext.Ajax.request.

    You can use it this way :

    failure: function(batch, options)
    //Do your...
  3. store.sync({
    success: function() {
    Ext.Msg.alert('Status', 'Successfully saved');
    failure: function(result, request) {
    var jsonData =...
  4. Hi,

    i hope you guys can help me.

    I'm searching for a possibility to show a date formated in an grouping-header of an grid.

    If you group the "Date" -...
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    Thanks for the quick reply,

    "z-index" was exactly what i'm looking for.

    Best regards,
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    i got a little problem and i hope you guys can help me:

    I've created a small Sencha - App (just a site with a dummy-grid) and now i want to overlay it with a semitransparent panel.

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    Dear Sencha-Team,

    i'm a beginner in extension-creation.

    I'm looking for a possibility to build an extension combined out from an grind an an store.
    I looked through you examples and tutorials,...
  8. Thanks for the fast answer.

    I'm pretty new at Sencha Architect and ExtJS.

    For my case, it would be enough to change the buttonicons of the paging toolbar. Is there a way to do that?

  9. Hi,
    i'm working with Sencha Architect Version 2.2.2 and ExtJS 4.2.1.

    Is there an easy way to customize the look of the paging toolbar from 44375

    to something like that. (That's out of a...
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