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    Thanks for your helpful reply.

    On the one hand it's bad that it doesn't work, but on the other hand it is good to know why it doesn't work.

    best regards
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    i have some problems with controlling a Ext.draw.Sprite via the controller.
    At the moment i use the ".on" method to add eventlisteners to a sprite, but i'd like to control the sprite in my...
  3. Hi philogb,

    your way is working perfectly and I think i'm gonna use it in EXTJS 4 too. Why use two different ways if there is one that works in both charts ;).

    Thanks a lot!

    best regards...
  4. Hi,

    as the title says i'm having problems styling a text-Sprite.
    I use the following code to create a drawComponent with an text-Sprite in it.

    mydrawComponent = new...
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