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  1. You can try my solution to this here.
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    That's when the store finishes loading, but not when the view has finished rendering (and is ready to scroll).
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    I want to scroll to a certain item in a DataView, when it loads.

    I already have a function that scrolls the DataView to the right place. But I can't figure out when to call it.

    I've tried using...
  4. Any update on this?
  5. How do you want the cards to be sized? If you give the parent component a 'fit' layout, as in your example, your cards should take the size of the parent. But that means the parent needs to have a...
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    Diffing it against 2.3.1, it looks like they just fixed some version numbering issues; no real changes to the source.

    Just curious -- how did you find out that it was released? I didn't see any...
  7. The button text. Maybe it's not exactly overlapping, but there's no space between certain pairs of characters. Here's another example: 47518

    Ext version tested:
    Sencha Touch 2.3.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    Android 4.3 default browser

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  9. I added some logging to try to figure this out. I noticed that when Ext.viewport.Android.onResize() is first called, this.windowWidth and this.windowHeight are both 0. This continues until the first...
  10. @fmoseley: Can someone please look at this? It's been a few months since this was reported.

    Even with the workaround suggested above, there are issues. For example, load the following application...
  11. Yeah, my app.js had been modified a lot since the original app was generated. I believe I had upgraded to Sencha Cmd from 3.x already, before upgrading from Sencha Touch 2.2.1 to 2.3.1. So...
  12. This still isn't fixed in 2.3.1. Seems like a major issue...
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    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:
    Sencha Cmd

    Operating System:
    Mac OS 10.9

    Framework used:
  14. OK, I opened another issue, since this one is listed as fixed in the 2.3 release notes.

    Ext version tested:
    Sencha Touch 2.3.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome for Mac 31.0.1650.57

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  16. @makana: do you have a test case that reproduces this? I'm still seeing some extra classes in 2.3.1, but my original test case seems to work now.
  17. Seems to be fixed in 2.3.1.
  18. Thanks for the hack -- this was bugging me too.
  19. Yeah, I was using 2.2.1, but I'm going to try upgrading to 2.3.1. Still, it seems like some errors aren't getting reported by the sencha tool.
  20. Is there any documentation anywhere on how these files work? I'm used to being able to change app.json and then have the development environment automatically update. But now it seems like this isn't...
  21. Should bootstrap.js and bootstrap.json be checked into source control? It seems like they get modified whenever you run the build script.
  22. Is there a recommended way to deal with the status bar in iOS 7, when using Sencha Touch 2.3 with Cordova?

    Currently ST treats the viewport as starting at the top of the screen. So things that are...
  23. Upgrading an app from ST 2.2.1 to 2.3.1, using Cmd, I ran this:

    $ sencha app upgrade --nobackup --noappjs -p /path/to/touch-2.3.1

    Despire the --noappjs flag, it completely replaced my...
  24. When I generate a Sencha Touch 2.2.1 app using Sencha Cmd 3.x, the app.js file includes this:

    'Ext': 'touch/src'

    But when I generate it...
  25. Lucky guess - I tried removing the Sencha-recommended iOS7 patch from my app.js, just above my Ext.application call, and it works!

    Now, where can I put this patch so it will compile correctly? And...
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