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  1. Well if you cant add the event to the controller — doesn't this defeat the purpose of MVC here?
    I would love it if i were able to keep all functionality out of my views.

    Is it at least possible...
  2. I have to say — regardless of how well sencha touch 2 is capable of performing — the documentation is just so terrible. It is confusing, not up to date, and as a result i am left with no other choice...
  3. Unfortunately ... i too have been seriously considering other frameworks — while yes i would agree sencha is amazing and solid when it works — the documentation is absolutely horrible. Most of it is...
  4. Well i tried to be as clear as possible and format my message to help make for an easy read. Just frustrating that something as simple as styling the Message Box could not be answered ESPECIALLY...
  5. From the questions above, i was able to solve one issue, just not entirely sure if best practice according to Sencha?

    For the Buttons i was able to include the following line in my SASS doc:

  6. Regarding Ext.Msg.confirm or any other message box for that matter
    I apologize if i am missing something in the sencha touch documentation, however i can not seem to find out how to style parts of...
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