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    Hi all,

    I'm writing a custom component that creates a private store for itself (I don't want a global store initiated from the application). On destroying the custom component, I thought I should...
  2. Hi all,

    Is there a way to use an existing layout (or create a new one) that maintains the height/weight ratio the same when resizing a window or a panel? I need a panel that sizes the height and...
  3. Hi all,

    I'm writing a custom container component, and I have a hard time figuring out how exactly the renderTpl is supposed to work.
    Something like below works, but not if I want to let Ext...
  4. Hi Mitchell,

    Thx for your reply. The way of how you spell it out isn't that important.
    But it would be great if controllers could be instantiated 'on the fly', apply to a specific panel only, and...
  5. Hi all,

    What's the best way to define a panel specific controller (in my case for a single, complex panel in a wizard)?
    Controllers that are defined in the definition are...
  6. Using a secure connection (https://...) solves your 'man-in-the-middle-attack'.
  7. Hi all,

    This was my first day with the SenchaSDKTools, and though I'm impressed, there's something that I'm missing.

    If I include the ext-all.js file before including the all-classes.js file,...
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    Sweet! We were just investigating history.js.

    I do have a minor improvement; it's nice if you can pass an optional scope so that the callback method
    is called in it's own scope.

  9. Hi all,

    I was trying to set a textarea to readonly, and it didn't work. Turned out that in 4.1 beta 2 the {cls} is missing, just as it was in the base class.

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    Really nice, I will look into it later this month.
    Are there any advantages as opposed to CodeMirror?
  11. Hi,

    I had a hard time getting Ext.Direct to work for my configuration.
    After some debugging, I found that the api property is only copied from the initialConfig, not from the class definition.
  12. I came across this issue too. I think the {cls} is missing in the Ext.form.field.Base's fieldSubTpl property:

    Ext.define('Ext.form.field.Base', {
    extend: 'Ext.Component',
  13. Hi,

    Thx! Sorry I didn't check the tracker first.
    It seems that by not mentioning the singleton property at all, it works just fine.

    Ext.define(''+modelName+'Store', {
  14. Hi all,

    I'm creating my stores like this (below), and I'm explicitely setting the singleton property to false. That's because I want multiple views containing the same entity but with different...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    Thx for your quick response!

    What I'm trying to do is to give a field based tooltip for an edit-in-place grid, where I want to display an error message containing the reason that...
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    I'm testing the 4.1 beta release and I'm having some problems with the tooltip for a cell in a grid.

    onViewAfterRender: function(view) {
    view.tip =...
  17. Hi all,

    I'm trying to inherit an, and I keep getting an error that

    parentPrototype is undefined
    parentStatics = parentPrototype.$inheritableStatics;
    in ext-dev.js...
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    Yes, I did that. But the panel containing the 3 grids is on a tab, and it has not been rendered before I select that tab. The controller is instantiated on application start, but the panels...
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    Thx for your reply. I'm seeing the grids all right, and they work fine.
    The problem is that the controller does not seem to find the references to the grids, which I need to attach an event...
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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a 'simple' tabpanel that contains 3 grids in a border layout. When I change the selection in the first grid, the second grid should update it's data. Basically the...
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    Hi all,

    Like many, I *love* this thingy.
    Unfortunately, I'm using codemirror 0.8 now (Ext 3.2.1), and I still have a limited set of line numbers...
    I noticed in firebug that every height is...
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    Hi all,

    I just saw primefaces, a java jsf 'toolkit', and I must say I'm impressed by its widget set.
    See > showcase.

    Of course, it's not comparable with ext as it's a...
  23. Personally, I don't believe in creating tags that create javascript code at runtime.
    Sure, it does look nice and it seems all very simple, but the real catch is in the detailed business logic you...
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    ROFL - I think the belgians think otherwise, at least half of them :)
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    Hey folks,

    Very nice to see that the code I contributed over two years ago actually works :)
    You must have done a lot of tweaking.
    Nice work!

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