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  1. I know it's kind of an old post but I recently encountered this "issue" myself and wanted to share my solution:

    Instead of editing Sencha's classes which work just fine, I introduced a new layout...
  2. Thanks a lot! I added the following dependency in maven and it works ok now:

  3. Sorry for bumping a very old thread, but I figured it's better than creating a new one for the same (or almost the same) issue.

    I was trying to implement the StateManager in my application today,...
  4. Thanks for sharing your workaround! However, even though it's MUCH more elegant than my "setZIndex(99999)" it basically does the same thing.

    My biggest problem with this is that sometimes you need...
  5. I'm sorry to bump this post but as the above mentioned workaround is what's getting me through this thing, I wanted to ask for help on how to implement that 'fix' for a GXT3 ComboBox since it doesn't...
  6. I'm using the GXT 2 desktop app with GXT 2 windows with GXT 3 widgets inside. I have a strange problem when context menus, dropdown lists and other "popup items" are in question. Namely, what happens...
  7. For what is worth, I also support the idea of having a GUI designer for GXT3 widgets. It's true that the code they generate isn't always optimal but at least getting it out is fast.

    There were...
  8. The good thing is that if you take a look at this blog entry ( where they announced GXT 3.0, you will see this:
    The GXT 3.x Roadmap Sencha GXT...
  9. I also support the idea of adding RTL to the official release! Especially since GXT 3 is going to hit the streets soon.

    Kudos for your own efforts in enabling RTL at the present time!
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