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    I am trying to toggle a image on button click which slides up and down. When i click on the expander button
    below the top should be reduced.

    In Jquery I use some thing like this to achieve the...
  2. Hi,

    I have images which i need to use to for tabs rather than the default. Can some one suggest me how to override the default tab image with a custom one.

  3. With out the start param my service breaks. because it is used on the server side to filter the data. If i use it with out the mvc architecture it seems to work fine as shown below.

  4. Hi I am trying to use the pull refresh plugin in an mvc architecture and having some issues.


    var pfLazyLoading = new{
    model: 'Facility',
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    can some one tell me how to do lazy loading (making a jsonp request) when scrolling down a panel..

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    Hi Guys,

    I would like to know if i could the links for Sencha Designer 2 Developer preview. It would really help us fasten our application process.

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    This is what i was looking for. Thanks.

    I was trying to do some thing like this which worked but was not sure.

    Ext.define('Utils.parkingMapConfig', {
    statics: {
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    Hi guys,

    can some one tell me how to create a config file so that i could use it across the application.

    In JavaScript i would create a file called config and

    ar mapserviceUrl1 =...
  9. Thanks mitchellsimoens. I have been adding the listeners for the radio field in the panel. so it was basically taking the panel values than the radio field. once i adding the listener when i create...
  10. No. I am not sure whether i have put the listeners in the right position. only the tap event seems to work .

    The resultList contains a group of radio fields. I am basically trying to get the...
  11. I am having some issues with the radio field event firing and getting the right values for radio field selected.

    // All the Radio Fields are dynamically added into this panel
    var resultList...
  12. I do have it in my first Statement. I think the problem is the GetData() method make a jsonp request and once the jsonp request (asynchronous ) is executed it immediately passes control to controller...
  13. I have a controller as shown below:

    showMapBasedOnInputLocation: function (options) {
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    Hi Guys,

    I need some help on how to fetch a record from a data store based on a value in object.

    Attached the image of the store. I need to get the record from the store based on FacilityID...
  15. Hi guys,
    I have a Xtemplate, select field(used for filtering) and a Panel Container as shown below


    var template = new Ext.XTemplate(

    '<tpl for=".">',
  16. From my backed (C#) it is returned as a decimal value through json. after that i am trying to sort it.

    If i my json element has a values returned as 0.16 is it considered as float by sencha or...
  17. I created another variable called DistanceForSort with a type Decimal. It Does not seems to work. Do i need to do any kind of a refresh of the dataStore once the change has been made.

    When i ran...
  18. Hi guys ,

    I have a store which has a list of objects.


    Ext.regModel("PF", {
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    Can you show me how to use ESRI Map using sencha touch. If you could post the full example it would be really helpful or if you can zip it to my email at I...
  20. mitchellsimoens,

    I was able to detect the click by adding a listener to the main Panel.

    App.View.TimeLine = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    initComponent: function () {
  21. I have not been able to capture the click event.

    I tried adding a listener to x template as shown below but doesn't seems to work.

    var template = new Ext.XTemplate(

    '<tpl for=".">',
  22. Hi guys,

    I have a HTML anchor in my template. On click of the template i need to toggle a div. Can some one tell me how to achieve this in sencha touch.

    var template = new...
  23. Hi guys,

    I am having some issue with sencha touch data store. I am loading the data from jsonp to a store. The data is getting stored correctly. but when i access the view immediately with...
  24. Can you show me an example or code snippet based on my above post on how to do it.

  25. Hi Guys,

    I have a tab control with map and a time line panel. On a button click i get a json value and populate it into the store and then call a dispatch method in my controller to call...
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