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  1. Hi All,

    Please help me for given details.

    When I insert entry in column of grid and press tab key to move to the next field then popup message comes with the options of "Yes" and "No" and...
  2. Hi All,

    Please help me for given details.

    When we fill entry in any column and of grid and then use tab key to go on next field.then that time comes one popup message.

    I want that when i...
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    Code is given.

    processRows : function(startRow, skipStripe){
    if(!this.ds || this.ds.getCount() < 1){
    var rows = this.getRows();
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    Hi All,

    Please give me solution for solve this error, when i have drag any column in toolbar for dynamic create multigrouping then this error raises.[0]) is null.
  5. Hi Zinnia,

    Thanks for help me. This is great but result is wrong. Result gives "01/09/69" while should be "03/07/2011" .
  6. Hi All,

    Please help me for convert '20110307000000000' value into date format when i have convert it by Date('20110307000000000'),'m/d/y'). Then this gives NnNn/NnNn/NnNn...
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    In the above image we have a weekend field, also have a date field in a grid,
    I just want to open a popup window of detail date with selected weekend date runtime.29650
  8. Hi All,

    Please give me solution or code to implement of list layout as in given image.29566
  9. Hi All,
    Please give me solution or code for making layout of tree navigation as given in screenshot.
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