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  1. You might be right that both issues are related, although mine appeared on another component.

    EDIT: I now see that this bug is marked as fixed, but it's not listed in the release notes in the...
  2. The select event on a grid row is fired twice.
    See the following fiddle:

    I did try some different versions of ExtJS 5, the problem occurs in the nightly...
  3. Known bug of 5.0.1:

    The bug is solved in 5.0.2 (available as nightly build).
    The thread provides a workaround.
  4. Is pricelist the model instance?
    Then you don't need to use getAt(0), you should be able to access the associated store right away (pricelist.Products() or pricelist.products() depending on your...
  5. There is no easy way to sort a templatecolumn.
    I did override the function onColumnSort on grids to be able to sort a templatecolumn.

    I used the following solution:
    - add the attribute...
  6. See the following thread for more details on this issue:

    You need to require ViewControllers and...
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    I did. I wasn't able to select/change the date, that's why I suggested changing the bind.
    After changing the bind, I'm able to select a date. Typing a typing is still not possible though. I know...
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    Try the following code for bind:

    bind: {
    value: '{test}'
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    Thank you for your answer, it solved my problem!
  10. I'm able to use the handler in an item of a actioncolumn as used in the second block of code.
    Can you show the complete code of your view?
  11. Sorry to bump this thread, but it is a big issue for me. The application I'm working on has to go live this month, and it can't go live if it's not working properly on a tablet. Is there a workaround...
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    Thank you for your answer.
    Changing the model instance to an object, does not change the behaviour described. The radiogroup is still not working as expected. So I guess I'm doing something else...
  13. Try this:
  14. Did you use 'sencha app watch' or 'sencha app refresh' after generating your application?
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    How do you use a ViewModel in combination with a radiogroup?

    I tried the following:

    viewModel: {
    data: {
    colorItem: Ext.create('RadioField.model.ColorItem')
  16. The following preview of a fiddle can also be opened on a tablet:
    It is based on the example in...
  17. A subtable as used in the following example:
  18. I'm using a subtable inside a grid in a application targeted for tablet (Android 4.0 and 4.3, Chrome).
    On the tablet I'm having the problem that after expanding a row, I can't scroll down to the...
  19. Try updating Sencha CMD, it solved the issue for me.
  20. I'm trying to use an action column inside a subtable. I'm getting the following warning:

    [W] XTemplate evaluation exception: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    The warning is caused by...
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    I was already aware of the slow death of WebSQL, but thank you nevertheless.
    My custom proxy does not use WebSQL (not directly anyway), but does look a lot like the SQL proxy (instead of doing db...
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    In Sencha Touch I do use a custom proxy based on the SQL Proxy. I'm trying to make an similar proxy for Sencha ExtJS 5.0, but I'm keep running into errors while trying to use the existing SQL Proxy....
  23. Thank you, updating Cmd solved my issue.
  24. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.0 rev 970


    After generating a new application with Sencha CMD and opening it in the browser, it throws an undefined error in the console. The...
  25. You should use \e600 in the content property in stead of the name of the icon (AZ).
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