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  1. WesleyMoy, thanks for the clarification. Yes, Explorer.class is no use at all after the GWT compilation, neither is Examples.class. I thought those EntryPoint classes might be needed at run-time...
  2. The problem is from the remote service URL, which will be will be empty if I don't use "ServiceDefTarget" to set the service entry point. If I uncommented the three lines below, it works fine.

  3. Sorry. Asynctreegrid is not working because I forgot to add the servlet/mapping in web.xml.

    My old project is still not working...but I'm getting closer. It looks I have to use...
  4. I deployed examples.war to tomcat 6 and it works perfectly.

    But I can not find Explorer.class under /WEB-INF/classes. The source file is:
  5. I'm trying to upgrade my code from gxt2.1.1 with gwt 1.7 to gxt 2.2.5 with gwt 2.4, but I run into a few problems, such as blank pages.

    To narrow down to the issue, I used only the sample code...
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