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  1. @vietits

    Thank you very much...its was my fault ;) and silly mistake... :))
  2. here you go...

    Ext.define('ImageModel', {
    extend : '',
    idProperty : 'RecordNumber',
    fields : [ 'exceptionNumber', 'filename',
  3. I am having same issue with above posted by Durga.
    I have pasted my grid column and model data but not working at all based on your solution.
    On grid, its shows me like this ...NaN-Nan-Nan...
  4. My grid :
    header : "Processed Date",
    dataIndex : 'processedDate',
    sortable : false,
    renderer: Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('d-m-Y'),

    'processedDate', {
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