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  1. You are right. I checked again. tdHeight is always "" in the example above.
    In our Webapp however, the codesection runs twice. First time tdHeight is "". Second time it is "0px". Sorry for the...
  2. Ähh, setting translated text for each element seems cumbersome. You clearly have to google "GWT Internationalization"!
    GXT delivers translation for most of its elements in several languages. I hope...
  3. Holger, tell us about your intention to change GridColumnHeaderMenuEntries. Best approach to do so depends on your circumstances.

    Are you trying to change *some* entries, maybe depending on some...
  4. I have the same issue with GXT3.1

    This ticket is related

    The "solution" suggested there is...
  5. - Go to
    - activate "Donut"
    - deactive every month but one

    Result: a pie
    Expected: a donut

    In fact, it only looks like a pie. If you...
  6. I can confirm your observation: Directly to RowExpanderGrid is fine. First to BasicGrid and then to RowExpanderGrid shows the Problem: no stripped rows.

    There seems to be a conflict at CSS layer....
  7. I am using GWT-History support and GXT grids in many ways as well. Nothing odd happens here.
    I think the Menus are to blame, which has been your assumption anyway.

    I guess you have to share more...
  8. Colin? Brandon? Anyone?
    It's been over 2 weeks now. With the provided example it shoulb be fairly easy reproducable.
  9. Yes, I have been able to implement a workaround. Since some columns are of type BigDecimal, there where other difficulties: parsing the text is implemented via Double. So typing 0.1 and leaving the...
  10. Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    GXT 3.1

    Browser versions and OS
    FireFox 24.5.0 ESR on Win7 Enterprise, SP1, 64Bit

    Virtual Machine
  11. Hmm, now the guide suggests BigInteger and Integer are working for GXT 3.0.4+

    And still NumericFilter states

    Filter class for numeric fields. by default, converts data to double before...
  12. This is a major show stopper for us! Please, get it fixed asap. Thanx!
  13. branflake, thanks for this helpful info! =D>

    According to your info given above, I would consider the javadoc of VLC misleading, if not buggy:

    * A layout container that lays out its...
  14. Just came across this old issue, since my workaround is messy with GXT3.1.
    Here is an example to reproduce my issue:

    GXT Explorer Demo is added to a ViewPort. Thats why there are no Scroll Bars...
  15. For a grid that is not initially visible, like at a not chosen TabPanel, there are no menus at ColumnHeader once the grid gets shown.

    Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    Ext GWT 3.1.0
  16. Have a look here

    Colin explained it there.
  17. Here is our XMessages_de.prop file for GXT 3.1 (some spelling corrections and some additional translation, most of them for GridFilters):

    # Sencha GXT 3.1.0 - Sencha for GWT
    # Copyright(c)...
  18. I would like to hear a word from sencha about this.

    - Go to
    - Enter 0.15 for "Duration"

    Result: Box shows 0.2, Dialog says...
  19. What happens if u add only one color or none at all?
    Again, more info needed!
  20. More info would be helpful:
    - your ValueProvider, which you are adding with series.addYField(...)
    - the whole call stack (where exactly happens that OutOfBounds)
    - more of your classes. At least...
  21. In the example the tooltip is shown onValueChange:
    spinnerField.addValueChangeHandler(new ValueChangeHandler<Double>() {

    public void...
  22. Have a look at the spinnerField (Duration) here:

    If I put in 1.23 and leave the field, it is rounded to 1.2 since...
  23. Just ran into this (again). Any news or workarounds?

    Hard to believe this issue has been filed more than 4 years ago:
  24. Tried from home, same result: About every 2nd RPC returns HTTP 503.
    Setup at home: Win7 64bit, Chrome

    Setup at work: Win7 Enterprise SP1 64bit, FireFox 24.3.0 ESR
  25. Seems to work here. Search for "grid" in GXT Q&A section says: Showing 0-25 of 376

    Of course this "Showing 0-" is a bug of its own. If I go to the second page, it says Showing 25-50 of 376
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