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  1. Hi all, Same problem as Rayba : - The playback autostarts when the app starts ( url: http://.../radio.aac/playlist.m3u) - I cannot change the volume using audio.setVolume(value/100)Everything's well...
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    I'm trying to test my ST2.2 app . A very simple app, just load a store with an ajax proxy and test if a content is present. But It doesn't work with capybara/cucumber.

    All my gems are...
  3. Thank but doesn't work.
    The problem is the container is fitting well, but the textarea input object doesn't
  4. Hi,

    I tried to make a form like the gmail 'new mail', with a textarea fitting all the phone screen.

    I used a 'vbox' layout and set the textarea to flex:1
    It works great for the textarea...
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    Hi all!

    Any news about a fix for 2.1 ??
  6. Hello,

    I change build-impl.xml like this:

    environment setters

    <target name="ios">
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    I mean the cordova API seems already be used in Sencha as Ext.device suggests to me.
    But maybe I'm wrong....
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    Am I the only interested by this functionnality ?
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    Hi all,

    Since 2.0, Sencha use the Phonegap Cordova API, what is a very good thing !!

    But I'm wondering why we still cannot transfer file using the same API because Cordova allowed to.
  10. Hello,
    same problem for me, but stbuild package doesn't changed anything ...{
    message : "- é - \u00e9",
    buttons : ['OK']...
  11. here is my config one more time

    { "applicationName": "MyApp",
    "applicationId": "ch.jairok.myapp",
    "versionString": "1.0",
    "iconName": "resources/icons/Icon~ipad.png",
    "inputPath": ".",...
  12. Next problem...
    When I try to run my .apk on the emulator, I get this error from log cat

    Failed loading 'sdk/src/event/Dispatcher.js', please verify that the file exists at...
  13. Hi everybody,

    I came back with my Android packaging problem.

    Now, my app was generated with sencha app create
    I modified the packager.json for my app

    { "applicationName":...
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    Good good !
    Any release date ?

    I Think it could be very insteresting for each Sencha developer to have a view of the roadmap ;)
  15. any idea ?
  16. ok... stbuild take a while ben finally ended (very long compare to iOS packaging... normal ? )
    but finish with an error. here it is :

    /Developer/Frameworks/android-sdk/tools/android" create...
  17. here is my packager.json (which is at the root of the project created with sencha app create)

    "applicationName": "My Application",
    "applicationId": "com.mycompany.myAppID",
  18. oh.. little thing different... now with the packager.json, stbuild is running indefinitely... no return...
    But no build folder is created...

    Any idea ??
  19. sorry but doesn't help.

    I used sencha app create for a new project
    then i run command/sencha package run /path/to/my/app/packager.json from the sdk folder and nothing appends to the command line...
  20. No .. The app was first created with sencha 1.x and migrate to 2.x

    Can I use the create command OVER the existing project ? or may I start a new app ?
  21. This is a previous post , but still open !

    Sencha admin, please feel free to move the source to the...
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    Hi Sencha team,

    Did you planned something about adding file transfer to the native packaging features ?

    Thank you for your answer
  23. up
  24. Hi all,

    I've developed an app with ST2 and now it's finished, I try to package it for both iOS and Android.
    For iOS, no problem, works fine.

    But for android, the things become a little...
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    But I'm not !! I try to use the sencha touch package features

    I'm going to try to upload a picture with an ajax/post call.

    But it's sad that sencha implements only a part of the phonegap...
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