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  1. Apologize for the multi posting, didn't see an edit post option.

    headers field in proxy is what I was looking for to change content-type. Issue I was having before was result of having headers...
  2. So i was playing with the buildRequest function of the proxy and observing things through Fiddler and noticed that really the issue I am having is that the content-type of the POST is still...
  3. Could you be more specific in how I incorporate the jsonData aspect with the read call of the proxy?

    As I said in my first post, I managed to get the read action to make a post, the issue is the...
  4. Will this work through a proxy in a model?

    Right now we have a model setup for create/update/destroy/read

    Ext.define('Device', {
    extend: '',

    idProperty: 'Id',
  5. So basically we have infinite scrolling and would like to do some filtering. The issue is that we want the reader to pass in a filter that ends up being TOO large for a GET but we are having issues...
  6. Yeah, we've run across the same behavior where we have a grid that reloads every 30 seconds and is on a hidden card. If the card is destroyed (and this the grid) there is no issue.
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    So I have been trying to get a login set of inputs to behave like they would as an regular html input tags and the browser would remember the input.

    I've tried applyTo and setting the config as...
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    So I am curious about using XTemplate to possibly do summations/averages on values that I read off in ajax. Also I want to have a template change based on a value that each how has (but I want the...
  9. So basically what I have is some items that I wish to display ONLY in print media and not on screen (Think replacing images with text or something)

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
  10. I have no idea if you can do that, but that is basically what I wanted to do.

    Also part of the reasoning is that the company model already exists for other uses anyways. Why add all these fields...
  11. because there are many different reports, all of which have different fields but all have companyinfo. In my mind it makes more sense to have the companyinfo in a seperate model to refernce to since...
  12. So what I'm curious about right now is how to define a store/model association that is singular. Ie: not hasMany but only has one. Technically I can get around this by saying making a hasMany...
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