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  1. Not the most elegant - and probably misses on a few browsers, but at least it works on popular FF+IE versions.

    Ext.override(Ext.form.action.Submit, {
  2. It is irrelevant, because responseXml is fine and the logic of the Ext function in question makes an unacceptable assumption about the responseText part - meaning that even if the function should...
  3. This happens when response.responseText is undefined and response.responseXML is defined.

    It seems like Firefox 17.0.1 and Chrome 23.0.1271.97 sometimes create different response objects when...
  4. Mitchell, I was hoping this thread would solve my problem, but your code is just a pretty wrapper for

    My problem is that when I put a checkbox inside a field container...
  5. Indeed the problem was me foolishly trying to open it locally instead of through a web server...
    And that working example tutorial seems very impressive.
  6. Wanted to test the EditorGridPanel, but the exmample that's provided in the downloaded package isn't working:


    Re-downloaded the package to verify it's got nothing...
  7. Replies
    1. Wow!
    2. Thanks!
    3. Wish I had found this 3 weeks ago...
  8. That's exactly the point - and this also affects other issues: here's a pretty ugly patch I had to do to make the Ext.ux.grid.plugins.GroupCheckboxSelection plugin accomodate for this bug - ...
  9. As heidtmare pointed out here:
    the groupTextTpl sadly pulls its text from the rendered field, not from the core data...

    So your great plugin...
  10. Thanks Doug. The autoDestroy=false is exactly what was missing.
  11. I've tested your simple example and started fiddling around with it.
    It seems like the "autoHeight:true" config is generally buggy in FormPanels and doesn't cascade well through the items - so you...
  12. Thanks Doug, but as I've mentioned, adding is not enough. TabPanel.add() with the same Panel object won't work.

    You have to create a new Panel - though the original Panel object seems to live...
  13. Let's say I have a number of tabs (*Panels added to a TabPanel), stored in safe references, so I can get to them whenever I need them.

    Whenever the user closes a tab by clicking its x icon, the...
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