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  1. Well, this occurs on the sencha docs site, as well as every chart I have in my personal applications...

    I have a working chart, and I add this line:

    legend: { docked: 'top' },

  2. Even in 5.0.1, the chart legend is still broken. There is no change from the 5.0.0 legend, and it still behaves as my original post indicates. When can we expect a fix on this bug?
  3. lol, that's what I keep hearing...

    Do we have any idea when 5.0.1 will be released so we can use the framework without all these significant issues?
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    Yeah... I'm doing everything the way the guide says. The theme builds with no errors, but the ACTIVE tab css isn't being generated properly
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    work-around: Don't use the tab CSS Vars that you're supposed to be able to use.

    Overwrite the css manually :(

    .x-tab-inner{color:#c8c8c8 !important;}
  6. I've tried to drop some random properties into the axes.label property of the chart - no success. This actually causes the entire canvas to fill with a #fff background - rather than just the one...
  7. Issue:

    Shouldn't the charts get drawn with the css from the theme? i.e. The text/background color/etc should be drawn from a some css variable ($color/$base-color), or have a CSS Var that allow...
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    I'm having a lot of trouble with a few of the SASS theming components. I'll start with the one providing me the most annoyance... I've written a BUNCH of custom themes for EXTjs 4.x, and haven't...
  9. sencha-charts
  10. Yes. I'm using EXTjs 5 charts...
  11. yes... amazingly, tooltips work in all the kitchen sink examples (as do the other chart bugs that have been acknowleged)... but they don't work anywhere else.

    Try to add the tooltip config to any...
  12. ISSUE

    The tooltips also appear to be broken. I've added this tooltip config to all of the charts on the Sencha DOCS, none render tooltips.

    tooltip: {
  13. I hate to keep poking the bear here.... but there seems to also be a bug with the legend "border" config. None of the border properties change the border.

    docked: 'top',
  14. ISSUE :
    Chart legends do not properly render. Regardless of the legend docking orientation, the legend is rendered vertically, without any sprites for the series it corresponds to.

  15. LesJ, thanks for submitting the bug for me! I thought I would go ahead and drop the code in for the work-around until Sencha updates the bug:

    autoload: true,
    listeners: {
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    haha, work-around #3 seems to work pretty well, but seems completely ridiculous to have to do.


    autoload: true,
    listeners: {
    beforeload: function (store, operation,...
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    I'm having a lot of trouble with the ext5 trees, so I figured I'd post here and see what you guys have noticed...

    The TreeStore appears to load twice if I set it to
    autoload:true. Because of...
  18. I guess I'm just mostly confused why this functionality doesn't work anymore...

    In ext4, I could just drop this line into my app.js:

    paths: Ext.Loader.setPath("sharedComponents",...
  19. well, I don't want to have to build the app to reference the xtype of the "shared component."

    If I have to build the app before being able to continue developing, it breaks my development...
  20. Yes.
  21. In extjs4, I routinely had shared components that were used across different apps. Some as simple as a combo or as complex as an entire panel. All that was required to allow me to reference these...
  22. I found a workaround since the chart.redraw() method doesn't automatically redraw the axis scale/values.

    Set a new maximum for the axes, then use the axis.drawAxis() method prior to redrawing the...
  23. @slemmon

    --starter, -s - Overrides the default Starter App template directory

    That is precisely the information I was looking for! Thank you so much!
  24. I've been looking for a way to have the 'generate app' command generate a predefined default application other than the default CMD already generates. I would assume that it could be similar to the...
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