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  1. I am noticing that my application when launched, is pre-loading it's stores (via ajax proxies). I can see as the application grows, this is a potential issue since I might have a number of stores...
  2. I have added a NavigationBar to my Sencha Touch 2 project, and it automatically adds a 'back' button when I push a view in response to a press of a button in that nav bar.

    The problem is, that...
  3. I am evaluating sencha architect (sencha complete) and am having trouble getting a simple chart to work. This is using the latest trial download ( and touch 2.3.2 (I set the framework to...
  4. It does not seem to work. Once I change the code, I get a strange object is not defined error - somtetimes - between reloads. Other times, it loads my grid, but it looks like it's still sharing...
  5. That looks great, but (forgive my newb question) how do I get the 'control' reference for my Ext TextArea to pass in to the 'setCaretPosition' method?

    I also found this nice sample code to...
  6. Thanks. So the grid is my view, which I create from my controller (see my sample from the previous post). It's type "extend Ext.grid.Panel".

    It has a config "store: 'Encounters'"

    When you...
  7. How do you create unique instances of stores and assign them to views (I am ok with creating unique views and/or controllers if that's required)?A simple use case - I want to open multiple grid's (of...
  8. Is it possible / how do you set the insertion point for an Ext JS 4 TextArea?I want to insert some text (which I have working), then I want to set the insertion point at a specific length from the...
  9. In Ext JS 4 I was able to add these configs to my date field and it worked fine for mysql back end:

    format: 'm/d/Y',
    altFormats: 'Y-m-d',
    submitFormat: 'Y-m-d',
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    In the constuctor, I am getting a syntax error in Ext JS 4:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined

    // }}}
    // {{{
    * @private
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