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    can cmd 5 be used with ExtJS 4.2 ?
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    I have two themes (packages) for an app -Light and Dark.
    I intend to provide my users to switch between these themes dynamically. I can achieve this by using Ext.util.CSS.swapStyleSheet

    But my...
  3. @evant

    That make sense, with reference and getReference()
    will love to here more on these
  4. well my view is a subclass for sure but when I create the viewController for it, It will not be a subclassed from the superclass viewController as it will have references to the components of...
  5. In that case, when I have a superclass controller and subclass controller, I will have to copy and paste all the all the code from superclass Controller into the subclass Controller,

    Thats not so...
  6. @mitch

    can you also tell us about the inheritance part,

    I mean if I extend a view from the baseView and create an instance of the baseView
    - Will the viewController of both the views...
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    I would like to add, if Sencha can provide CDN links to 4.2 js and CSS as well
  8. Facing problem with Ext.application in 4.2 Beta
    i have my appFolder pointing to a different folder (not the default 'app' folder)

    It is a Java/web application
    and my ext application is sitting...
  9. ?
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    I understand providing a date is a huge commitment.
    but i am sure that development or support team would know what to expect in the upcoming version

    again i would not take it as an official...
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    Any information will be greatly appreciated
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    thanks for the reply. but i am not concerned on how can i can have selectors to target a specific component

    my question is that
    when i take the MVC approach and have too many...
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    What i understand from the docs and forum is

    in Extjs-MVC controllers are not tied to a view
    all the controllers have application wide scope having said that
    if i have a controller defined as...
  14. can you confirm if this will be solved in this release ?
  15. i am not using a row expander, it is just an icon.
    the only extra thing that i am using is an action-column, rest is same as the locked grid example

    the size of the icons are 10 X 10 px in the...
  16. sorry i am little busy to put a test case.
    but just to give you an idea , i am putting up a picture and you can recreate this by using a locked grid with standard configuration that you use in your...
  17. I am creating a locked grid which has about 20 columns

    first 3 columns are locked and rest are unlocked
    this configuration is creating a horizontal scroll bar for the unlocked columns
  18. the title says it all
  19. Thanks for the beta2

    EXTJSIV-5169 which is to address hide/show of components in Table Layout. has it been fixed ?

    i have tested the 4.1 beta2 and see that field components inside table layout...
  20. readOnlyCls which used to work for textboxes & textarea do not even work for them anymore
    this is after after applying the patch EXTJSIV-4221 in 4.1 B1 which was to fix readOnlyCls property of ...
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    Thanks for communicating the dates and plan for ExtJS 4.1

    But apart from the fixes can you also comment on if there has been any effort to improve the performance
    especially on IE
  22. Looks like a bug

    In a table layout, form components such as text boxes , combo boxes cant be hidden or shown programatically

    Test case

    { xtype:'container' , padding:'10 0 10 0',layout:...
  23. check out KendoUI , its highly theme-able and built on jquery.

    I am a big fan of extjs but their performance on IE and lack of communicating their plans have forced me to look out alternatives...
  24. This is awesome combobox, in my openion it should be included in the official list of controls that sencha suplies with extjs. for its uniqueness and usability.

    however now that 4.1 beta is out,...
  25. That being said, i will continue to use and depend on cellclick event (for now without a locking grid)
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