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  1. Btw, this is not fixed in 2.0.2 yet.

    The only way to get rid of this bug was to remove

    Ext.Logger.error("Timeout waiting for window.innerHeight to change", this);

    from Ext.viewport.Ios
  2. I can confirm this ...

    after changing the url of the browser via location.url the app gets stuck at the timeout error (blank screen).

    This only happens on iOs, turning the phone to landscape...
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    Afaik, in this kind of situation it helps to include sencha-touch-debug (obviously) but also all-classes.js instead of app-all.js

    Like this you get proper line numbers so you can check where the...
  4. Hi ...

    bit more of a RFE instead of a bug ... but what really bugs me, is that I can't query components that have multiple attributes. For example

  5. Sweet ... thanks :)
  6. Hi

    I'm trying to listen for a tap event on a LoadMask container ... but the event doesn't fire, only for a Mask container

    So this doesn't work

  7. Hi

    for a project I need the following setup:

    |Header |
    |. |
    |. |
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    Ok, I found the answer in the forums ...

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    I have an app that uses XTemplates to display data in quite a few views. I would like to store the template config in a way that I can access it via the class loader system.

    So my thoughts...
  10. @Jacky Nguyen: Thanks for pointing this out ...

    The examples given on the docs site did not work for me at all until I added the

    this.relayEvents(this.element, ['tap']); line to the view.
  11. Thanks mate

    I had exactly the same issue, I would have never thought of changing cellmodel

    All the best

  12. Hi Roland

    I cannot confirm this behavior with 4.07 (using Bancha)

    First delete payload


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    i know you guys only just started this, but this a feature that is probably needed sooner or later ;)

    How can I display associated data in the grid or the form?

    Something like this
  14. Ok, that makes sense ... thanks :)
  15. Hi ...

    sorry, stupid title but this is what I'm currently trying to grasp.

    I want to use Ext4 as the backend for various db tables. Ext doesn't know about the associated models, stores and...
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    I thought I share the solution ... it is something that should be made more clear in the docs, I only found this out while looking for something completely different.

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    I can confirm this,

    no swiping on HTC Flyer (Android 2.3.4), also on the Sencha Touch Demo site ...

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    So even at the danger of talking to myself here ... I think I found a bug:

    As with the example given above, I found that all the associated data to MobileCollections lives happily at

    data ->...
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    Hi there,

    I've been trying to get this to work for days, still can't figure out if it can't be done or if I'm too stupid ...

    I have 2 models, MobileCollection and Frame, both are associated 1:n...
  20. Hi

    have fun with it :)

    With newer versions this override is no longer required ... check out the latest version from svn, this one works with 3.2.1

  21. Hi guys ...

    now that I'm getting the hang of Ext-style Javascript coding, I've noticed something I still know too good from the good old days of PHP coding ... Code Clutter!!!

    Pull in some data...
  22. or this one
  23. Hi ...

    I have started a new project to bind CakePHP and ExtJS together. CakePHP is really cool for handling all the business logic but things start to get messy if you get into the heavy ajax...
  24. Thank you so much for the quick reply ...

    it did make sense to me :) I only don't quite understand it, because when I'm creating the jsonReader, this.jsonReaderFields should also be in the scope...
  25. Hi guys ...

    I'm currently trying to implement an extended panel for displaying grid data pulled from cake. I got it more ore less sorted out but there is one thing that I haven't quite figured...
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