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  1. Detailed description of the problem
    When collapsible panels are collapsed in the BorderLayout, they fail to positionate themselves again when clicking on them (not the button) for a quick view.
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    GWT 2.0 has recently released ( and I wonder if GXT 2.1 supports it. In case it doesn't, do you plan to add support for GWT 2.0 in future releases and take...
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    Yay! run people, run! get your copy now that it's still hot!
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    OMG! Xmas presents so early???

    I'll give it a shoot.

    Thanks Darrel,
  5. I had a lot of fun reading the comments. Oh, people are evil! :D

    The guy doesn't seem to know much about what he talks. He compares GXT and SmartGWT, saying that the last is a "better...
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    Hi there!

    Thanks mizzory, I've got in :-)

    I've already added you. So others can add me:
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    Ohh! send me one invite, pleaaaaaase!!! =P~
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    This is a HTML issue. Basically, there are 2 elements you have to take into account in order to remove or change the borders in an IFRAME:

    - The Iframe element itself
    - The <body> tag in the...
  9. These forums are for GXT 1.2.x and this bug is fixed here.

    If you have this problem in version 2.0.x, please, report it in the GXT 2.0.x forums
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    Any news when version 2.0.2 will be released?
  11. Oh IE6! Why don't you just DIE!

    The problem is irrelevant, though. I think if your users are still surfing with IE6 they won't mind a flick here and there.
  12. Final variables are not serialized by GWT. This is well documented by Google.

    It's a common error to have a "final Set" (or array), fill it with values in the server and then serialize it to the...
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    It doesn't work with GWT 1.6.

    I'm afraid you'll have to wait for 1.2.5 or switch to 2.0 beta.

    In any case this is not a bug, you should've posted in help forum.
  14. I don't have it, and I use the upload widget a lot. I use IE6 and I don't have any trouble so far.

    If you don't put some source code so I can compare I can't tell you what's wrong. I use...
  15. I would recommend that you perform validation before changing tabs. If the form is valid, you allow to change the tab, otherwise, you stay in the same tab until the form is validated.

    You can do...
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    Thanks Darrell. I'm gonna test it right know with my app, as I haven't migrated to 2.0

    cvs_fif : No, 1.2.4 won't work with GWT 1.6. If you want to use GWT1.6 you have to switch to GXT 2.0.
  17. I just wanted to say that innerHTML is not faster than W3C DOM 2 in the newest Safari (version 4). You can perfectly do the test in that browser with the
  18. Hi!
    - Take a draggable tree that is binded to a form.
    - Click in any node and try to edit it.
    - After editing, click in another tree node.
    - You will see how your changes are lost and not...
  19. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see it. I'll check again.
  20. What title says, under certain circunstances the drag and drop in trees doesn't work very well and there's a risk that nodes are drop from the tree and the model :s

    Let's illustrate it with the...
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    OMG! it's here!

    Have any already updated? is it faster than 1.2.x ??
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    Thanks Darrell,

    I'll give it a try.
  23. It's funny, It works fine for me most of the time, and the problems I have are the same than Safari, as both use the "core"
  24. I've noticed that IE works fine despite the bug. But the functionality is broken in other browsers, like Firefox 3.

    Is there any work around to make the widget work for now?
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    I suposse you're using FormPanel. Here's an example:

    final FormPanel loginForm = new FormPanel();
    ...... init panel. Add textbox, etc.......

    //Submit button...
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