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  1. Could you please share the solution.
  2. Hi Saki,

    First of all , thanks for the amazing plugin. We are using this across all the grids we use.

    I am facing an issue with the search plugin while searching for special characters. Even in...
  3. How do I use onDestroy..

    Please suggest.

    I am calling destroy of a panel which has 150 panels associated to it.
    This is giving the javascript warning while removing these panels.

  4. Hi,

    Did you implement the destroy override you have mentioned. I am trying to use it. At which place do I need to to override this.

  5. Hi,

    I wanted to know which is the appropriate layout to have two grid panels on a panel. Attached is a snapshot if I do not use a layout.

    Both the grids are generated dynamically and so I...
  6. Hi,

    You have mentioned that you realized the problem. Could you please elaborate the step I need to perform to avoid this error, before refreshing a store associated to a dataview.

    I am facing...
  7. I am facing the exact same issue. Was anyone able to get the solution this issue.

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