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  1. Has anyone ever experienced sencha ui getting disruped when you embed your production build file in a .ear file ?

    All sencha ui is perfect when i work production /testing builds only when i wmbed...
  2. I am very sure from the get requests in network tab of chrome that the correct data is sent by server,
    It is sencha part that i feel is not loading that retrieved data correctly everytime but...
  3. I am using sencha touch 2.1.0, I have a 'list' of items a user can select on the tap of the list i.e onListItemSelect i am getting the id of the item selected and trying to load the model using an...
  4. Thanks!
  5. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the reply, I follow that you can getRecord and validate it,but I want only the validations particular to the individual form field being changed to be executed. With the...
  6. I need to have validation of textfield contents on blur,

    I have already created custom validations for my model fields, is there a way in sencha touch to reuse these validations defined on the...
  7. I have added my own custom validations (customtype) to the singleton
    Is there a way i could select these custom validations in sencha architect if not how am i supposed to...
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