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    ItemId is unique and local to the container where id is unique globally.

    If you know the container of the component you are looking for, then using getComponent(itemId) should be faster because it...
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    You could cache the data after the ajax call, then have the combos with store and memory proxy read the portion of the data they need.
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    You could create several size variation with your theme, font size and component heights, etc and provide them as options in your UI where users would switch the theme instead of using browser zoom....
  4. You could use the -before-page target in the build.xml to download the file to the local package.
  5. If companies are offering you jobs in California and Europe and you don't want them or cannot get them, that is not something that helps your argument. You want to work remotely, and you mentioned...
  6. @brian428

  7. You make 20K in your country, how much of that is income tax, sales tax (vat), property tax, and every other tax we pay here, how much is the rent there? I bet if you compare apples to apples, you...
  8. "Many JavaScript developers start with jquery..." and many start with Extjs, but the really good JavaScript developers start with JavaScript.
    One can debate who's right or better, but both are just...
  9. @Mikhail Tatsky

    You can't code in jquery because of the syntax? Did you try? If you really understand JavaScript it is not that hard.
  10. You keep mentioning about jobs in the US that pay $100/hr for EXTJS coding.
    Not sure where you got that idea, but no serious company anywhere, not just US, will hire you for $100/hr just because you...
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    The temporary workaround described here is fine, if you just want to get the current request object and abort it.
    However I think it should do a bit more, it should attempt to abort the previous...
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    Try adding this deforedestroy override to the uxiframe to see if it helps.

    xtype: 'uxiframe',
    src: url,
    beforeDestroy: function () {
    var iframe = this.getFrame();
    if (iframe...
  13. I do not know, but if you cannot find a way as a last resort you can add something like this to the build.xml to remove it yourself:

    <target name="-after-page">
  14. I have the exact same issue.
    Occurs in the two FF browsers I have 3.5.1 and 19.
    I will try to put together a example if I get some time, but here is a high level explanation.

    Inside an EXTJS 2.3...
  15. Using 'none' worked.
    Thank you,
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    You can code in your ant script to exclude the extjs source in the root of the application or workspace and anything else you do not need.
    Extjs should be placed on the web server for the...
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    What you are doing is not much different than what many others are doing, including myself.
    I agree the second option is better.

    You can have a JSP instead of an html, simple sencha.cfg change...
  18. The nulls are all over the EXTJS theme packages, for example Button.scss in the neutral theme package has several variable set to null.

    If the ancestor theme has a value assigned to a variable,...
  19. I was hoping to find something as a work around., currently I have removed the lines with "null" values.
    Is there an alternate way to override a variable and remove the styling besides null?

  20. I have a theme package build successfully with EXTJS and CMD
    I am rebuilding it with no changes using EXTJS and CMD and it fails, see below.
    What is...
  21. See this:
  22. Then do not include the common code in the build process, build the common code into a single js file and link that file in your app's html/jsp.
  23. You can use the -after-page target. I did something similar here:...
  24. You can try this test, it may reveal something:
    - set the Loader to enabled: false
    - build the all-classes.js

    The app will not work in dev mode, obviously, but see what happens in production...
  25. Hi,

    I use Sencha CMD v3.1.2.342 and the production output files classes-all.js and xx-all.css look as binary files to my source control's diff tool.
    I have previously done concat and yui compress...
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