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  1. Just like the original thread title said, this bug is for Safari in Mac. Please fix the bug.

    Chrome and Firefox in Mac do work fine but most of our Mac users use Safari browser so this bug is very...
  2. The bug was not fixed in 4.2.2.
    If you open the kitchen sink app from the 4.2.2 documentation, click the Login Form example, type any username, click and set focus on the password field, without...
  3. Here's my dev environment: Windows 7, latest ruby, latest Sencha command installed, old Sencha command v3 exists, Architect 2 exists.

    After Architect 3 is installed, I tried to create a simple...
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    because it's not in the same container where the button is. When you use dock="something", a container is created to wrap the component you want to dock and that container is then used for...
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    try var label = panel.down('#mainLabel');
  6. try to assign a itemId to the tree instance, e.g. "mytree1" and than change the reference's selector to '#mytree1"
  7. the error shows you are building an app using extjs which is not for mobile application development. If you want to build an app that can run on mobile device, use sencha touch components.
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    I've encountered this problem also when I tried to add a existing css file under my project's resource folder to Architect. If I add a new css file, give it a id and url, and then save it, it won't...
  9. Version 2.1.0 Build 678 works fine with Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.255 when using the Package->build command from the UI. After updating Sencha Cmd to v3.0.2.288, the package command changed from "sencha...
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