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    I also have not received an email either way and before I read this post I just thought I was out of the running. If there were entries that got a "not selected" email, then I'm curious if all...
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    There seems to be a bug in the documentation starting with 0.9.5. When you are on the reference for a component, such as Panel, seems that Component and Container objects are being repeated in the...
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    Looks like I was about half right, I forgot one detail. With the draggable config option set to true, it is draggable, but then it snaps back to the original position. When you add in the class...
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    I had exactly the same issue, even after I used the floatable config option. Since many of the UI elements are changed by adding or removing classes, I tried to do what the floatable option perhaps...
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    Is it possible to pass multiple animation objects into a method such as setCard to allow multiple animations to occur on the card transition?

    setCard(0,{type: 'flip', direction: 'left', easing:...
  6. I've got the following code that almost works. What I'm trying to do is to have a container with a card layout, that has two cards in it. I want to

    1) Move the position of the container, with...
  7. Not related to Sencha, but one thing that had me chasing my tail for a while was the simulator seemed to be case-IN sensitive, whereas the device is case-sensitive. So, I had an image named...
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    I've got the following code snippet that worked fine in .93. When I try to run it using .94, the top toolbar doesn't show up on load. If you do anything with the browser that causes it to resize,...
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    I just downloaded 0.9.4 and was checking some of my test apps with it.

    I had a few basic apps that didn't work, and saw that in the new version there seems to be a lot less config options, methods...
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    I've been experimenting with webkit transitions with Sencha Touch, such as

    -webkit-transition-property: left, top, width, height;
    -webkit-transition-duration: 1s;

    When I apply this css style...
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    Is there a way to serialize some high level objects so that all the information can be saved somewhere? I'd like to be able to save the state of my app at certain points, so that when someone would...
  12. I think I may have found the solution. I've been messing around with a few things, but it's working OK now.
    Seems the key thing was 2 fold.

    1) use doLayout() instead of update()
    2) move the...
  13. I've got a image viewing app where you have a row of thumbnails and a Panel as a viewing area. When you tap on a thumbnail, a Panel is created (I've tried component too, same issue) with some HTML...
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