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  1. it works pefectly thanks!;)
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    SteveEisner thanks! i solved a big problem :D
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    who can post an example implementing shortcuts in a simple window? ctrl + C for clean or ctrl + S for save or something like that...:-/
    thanks in advance...
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    I dont know how to replace an object(in this case a label) in a viewPort when I resize it.
    This is my code:
    I want to replace a label that its in frmDir2,that is in a center layout.
  5. as you can see en mi post im using the center layout example and it doent work me.
    i dont know what its the trouble..
    im using too colums for center the layout as another alternative for it.....
  6. Hi im newbie in extjs and im desperate with a problem in my viewport code.
    i've checked layout's samples but it doesnt work me:((
    it results with my items left aligned(sorry for my english) when I...
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