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    In your case, I think you should move shared resources out of the package and into workspace resources folder. Then when you're publishing, just upload those resources on shared CDN ;)
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    I have a similar problem with a "slight" difference :) I have one ExtJS web app and one Sencha Touch android app. I think that dynamic content such as uploaded images should be available...
  3. I have question which hasMany answers association. When I do question.answers().sync(); the correct data is sent and successfully processed by server, then correct response is sent back to client,...
  4. I think I have the same problem. Researching ...
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    For anyone with the same problem ... I managed to solve it by running a custom sencha compile command at the end of sencha app build. I hook into -after-build like this in application build.xml

  6. Just for reference and for anyone who uses Symfony2

    I managed to get it working by moving ext folder back into application folder, but I had big problems with setting all the right paths. I use...
  7. This did not work for me either with cmd beta. With the latest cmd it works but it includes ALL Ext sources ...
  8. I simply cannot get "sencha app upgrade" to work. I checked the permissions, I double-checked all the paths and still no luck. I was using beta before.

    $ sencha app upgrade...
  9. WOW thanks for this one!

    I have two stores: and which can both have the same record, but different instance. With store.remove(records, true) it works perfectly.
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    ExtJS 4.2.1
    Sencha CMD

    I know I could achieve this with custom sencha compile (!/guide/command_app_multi), but is there a way to build two separate...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev 883
    sencha cmd

    Sencha cmd upgrade failt if ext.dir in workspace sencha.cfg file is different than...
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    My implementation

    Ext.define('PBO.override.form.field.Base', { override: 'Ext.form.field.Base',

    getErrors: function() {
    var errors = this.callParent(arguments),
  14. You're right! But even better, for simple code reuse just use app.classpath in sencha.cfg

  15. Yes, this problem still exists in 4.2.1. When can we expect a next GPL release?
  16. I managed to solve the "sharing code between extjs & touch app" problem by creating a new workspace (WS) with both extjs and mobile apps. Then I created two symlinks in WS/web/app/common and...
  17. Hi guys. Any progress on this? I have searched the forums and google all over but found nothing that could help me.

    Sencha any comments on this?

    +1 for official code reuse example/best practice
  18. +1

    Same problem here. I think this is a bug.
  19. Wow thanks for this one @thefugal! There are problems if you move ext folder outside of the app. I moved it to Symfony2/web/vendor and Neptune overrides failed to load. Sencha team please do...
  20. You should check out the panel ui config option!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-cfg-ui

    You can create a custom panel ui with extjs-panel-ui(cfg) css mixin
  21. You can change the tool sprite image!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-css_var-S-panel-tool-background-image

    $panel-tool-background-image: 'tools/tool-sprites-dark'
  22. I have the same problem. I think it's a bug. It seems that cls property is null after menu is created/shown. So if you overwrite cls property after menu is shown, control ref works ... at least for...
  23. I've had a similar problem with parent who hasMany children. I solved it by using grid cellediting plugin, which works great for editing parent data, and for associated children I created a custom...

    I think that if you set clientIdProperty: 'clientId' on and then return clientId parameter in the...
  25. Any ideas on how to configure json reader to handle deepjson response from or store.sync()?

    I have deepjson writer functional and working. Server receives all data, creates, updates,...
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