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    Thanks! The download is working now. So you think this will also be affecting the demo sites as well?
  2. Jump to post Thread: Memory by soze

    Will have to try this on my ipod touch later because there is a definite difference in layout between the Android and the Apple OS. Nice memory game. How many lines of code to create something like...
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    Is there a reason why none of the demos display on either the web or on my Motorola Milestone (In US terms - Droid). There is nothing different whether viewing on my device on on my PC.

    Also, the...
  4. Cool! Glad you figured it out. Much more satisfying that way!
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    Why use a cell renderer? I'm assuming the cell merging doesn't need to be done on the fly so why not combine it in the returned json/xml and display it in one column.

    Much nicer! :)
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    Do you mean you want to merge 2 cells in a grid?

    If that is want you want to do, then isn't that the same as returning the contents in the correct column?
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    What are you trying to achieve?

    If you REALLY have to do that, you could put the GET or POST values into a js variable on page load and access the variable contents when you call the window.
  8. What happens if you reload the store after you delete?
  9. Can you post your json? The normal tree operation is to use the json to determine it's structure.
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    You can do that or...

    I tend to something like this.

    <a href="javascript:openWindowFunction();">Open new window</a>

    In my javascript file I then place my code for the js function.
  11. Remove the extra root:0 within the root section.

    Also I've placed below the code from the js and the json that is consumed for reference. This returns everything in the correct format. Hope it...
  12. 2 things.

    1. If you use the search the very top left-hand corner, you'll be able to search on the classes at least without an internet connection. Clicking on the nodes within the tree will also...
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    I haven't used xajax but this sample code should at least get you past the Tree Panel side of things. The response from my asp file is json.

    Not sure what you're implementation is but I've also...
  15. Have you tried looking at the contents of this while in the listener?

    Can I ask, why do you not want to use Ext.getCmp()?
  16. Do you have any form of trigger on your row expansion or any kind of automatic grid store reload?
  17. Do you mean the downloadable version of the api?
  18. I have fixed the problem, I don't understand how and maybe you can help.

    The issue was definately with the checkbox group.

    I took each element out of the form and left only the group in and...
  19. There is only difference between my code and yours. My checkboxgroups are in Tabbed FormPanels. Other than that, everything is exactly the same. I can open other formpanels with everything on it. As...
  20. Is there something I can do to manually destroy a checkboxgroup before the panel is destroyed to fix this error?
  21. This error still exists in 3.1. I am getting the exact same error messages using the publicly available 3.1 download. Is the fix in a later SVN?
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    Your demo isn't visible anywhere. Where can I see it?
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    Is there any error in Firefox? Do ou have any event handlers to detect the click to see if there is an error?
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    Thought this might be helpful to somone out there who has ever wanted to quickly apply toolips to textfields across a form.
    This is just a form example implementation to Animal's grid implementation...
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    My silly schoolboy error. I didn't bring through all the required fields within my reader so certain mandatory fields were not being populated.
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