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  1. Doing that is not helping either. Throws an Undefined error on line Ext.application({

    I am thinking of giving up. So very complicated. Infact I raised a ticket with Sencha support and they have...
  2. Thats the url i use to access the application:

    Contents of my Index.html

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  3. thanks for reply. I have done exactly that and the contents under the lib folder look like the pic attached.
    But for some reason, when I publish my project, I get errors as shown in error pic...
  4. Hi dhrpatel.

    In your OP you mentioned "Then, I updated the application to use ExtJS 5 framework, changed my library path to point to ExtJS 5 library that is on our server ". I am trying to do...
  5. Hi Everyone,

    I have an application developed in SA and using EXT4.2 library. I have upgraded SA to version 3.1 with lib being the same 4.2. When I publish, my webpage loads perfectly alright.
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    I am reconfiguring my grid on runtime and pushing appropriate columns on. All columns display fine but BOOLEAN column does not display anything. Appears blank. The way I am pushing it on the...
  7. In EXTJS 4.2.1 this property has been renamed to
  8. Any clue why this would be happening?
  9. Only later I figured out that the Lib i was using was 4.1. Upgrading the Library to 4.2 fixed it. Thanks
  10. Hi,

    I am using Sencha Architect 3 version

    I want to use Themes on my project, but the Themes collection in my Toolbox on the left is no where to be found. Is there something I am...
  11. It is happening irrespective of the size of the project. I have a project with only 4 forms and happening on that as well.

    I have on my laptop:
    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
    i5 2.5Ghz,
    8Gigs RAM....
  12. That screen stays there for 2 secs and then goes away.
  13. ON Sencha Architect 3,

    Clicking on Project Settings button, loads a ghost window on the top left corner, before the actual window opens. I have attached the screenshot of the ghost window. The...
  14. I will take this as an answer! Thanks
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    Could you point to some links, fiddles where I could see an example of what you are saying.

  16. Hi ,

    I have an app build using Extjs 4.2, Sencha Architect 2.2 that I run on Chrome.
    It has a lot of views/pages, tabs with Grids and other components on it.

    Currently my issue is, if the...
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    I think Architect 2.2 has something called createAlias, that might be used for something similar (no sure:-/)
    But I am using Architect 2.1
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    Well thats probably the answer that I am after. Appreciate the fiddle eg. I had never done a type extension before.

    Unfortunately, I am using sencha architect 2.1. And on the UI I have no option...
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    Oops! that was a bit high level and outside the scope of my understanding :((
    Could you give an example.:-/

  20. following line was enough and does the job.

  21. I achieved it using the following:

    printPicklistPDF: function() {
    var store = Ext.getStore('GeneratePicklist');
    var headerId = store.proxy.reader.rawData;
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    Same question. But this time column is a Date column. ExtJS4.1.3 Doesnt have a render config that i could use.
  23. I achieved it using config on the proxy

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
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    How about a date column tooltip? ExtJS 4.1.3 doesnt have render config.
  25. Can you attach a screen shot of your grid? Or better yet, can you put a working example on jsfiddle that I could play with.
    I am not able to figure out looking at the code above.
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