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  1. Ok, so store.totalCount is zero which is telling me that your first load isn't returning the proper totalCount. For example, this would be a way to return totalCount:

    "success": true,
  2. In the onLoad method, the only code that will make the store fire another load is when the current page is greater than the total number of pages. This is calculated via the getPageData method:

  3. Hmm, instances used to have the override method. You can globally override it but that would get a bit chatty. You can override the instance manually:

    var oldLoad = store.load;

    store.load =...
  4. The docs state that you need to pass in the error(s):!/api/Ext.form.field.Date-method-markInvalid
  5. Can you hook into one of the ant tasks?
  6. Why not use app.json to override where the build is going to? Just generated a new app with Cmd 5.1 and Ext 5.1 and see this in app.json:

    "output": {
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    Is the callParent call using arguments instead of passing an actual array of the arguments?

    this.callParent([foo, bar])
  8. So send both tid and id? I think if any work would be done would be to make it configurable, not just duplicate the parameter.
  9. So when the app.view.detailViewViewController fires the loaddata event, you want the child items to listen to said event and execute the loaddata method on their individual ViewControllers?

  10. If you expand the root node, it should fire off the load for the root's child nodes. autoLoad should likely hardly be used in a tree store.
  11. The paging toolbar does add an exception event listener to the store:

    getStoreListeners: function() {
    return {
    beforeload: this.beforeLoad,
  12. tid has always been used. I can see a need for it to be configurable sure that's fine but if it were to be changed from the hardcoded (default) value would break many server side implementations...
  13. Is this in regards to Ext.Direct?
  14. It's working for me:

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    @dragos.damian After looking up what support subscription you have and ensure it's still active, I have added the Ext JS and Touch usergroups to your forum account. You should now have access to the...
  16. This sounds like this mainly comes from the 4.x days when each dot release had to go through quite a few changes to fix the performance blunder that 4.0 was. With the sheer number of fixes we had to...
  17. The source was an example up to Sencha Touch 0.9.3 but was removed after that. You'd have to download Sencha Touch 0.9.3 to get the full source...
  18. Yes, it's what we strive to release as but hasn't and isn't 100% what we do.

    4.0.0 - GPL/commercial
    4.0.1 - GPL/commercial
    4.0.2 - GPL/commercial
    4.0.3 - no release
    4.0.4 - commercial
    4.0.5 -...
  19. For your case, an abstract controller may be better.
  20. The reason why that's happening is because you have 3 instances of the MyApp.view.Panel created and therefore 3 instances of the MyApp.view.PanelController created. Each PanelController instance is...
  21. Also try to think outside of right now. Right now may be ok for a controller to call another controller's method directly (although I'd argue against that) but as you develop your application will...
  22. Trying to have a runnable test in this I created this fiddle:


    I used your 2 ViewControllers and Button class and I created a simple Panel class that holds 4 instances of your button. When I...
  23. We made a change to where we house the nightly builds for fiddle (and other internal properties) and therefore going forward we could not support past nightly build locations and the now current...
  24. I'm not sure what you're doing so it's hard to say what's going on.
  25. We're not gong to start banning people or deleting posts where people are recommending competing frameworks. That's just a bad idea to censor people like that. People are allowed to express their...
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