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  1. In addition to my last post, the Firebug shows the error in "ext-all.js" file at line# 11. But this line contains lots lots of code :(

    I couldn't figure out the root cause.

    I request you please...
  2. Hello All,

    I am getting "TypeError: is undefined" error when I try to re-size column header of a gridPanel.

    NOTE: I found k variable declarations from auto generated JS using...
  3. Hello All,

    I am facing an strange issue while displaying an email data in row of grid panel. Somehow, the contents of messages are appearing out of alignment (red circled text) while it was...
  4. Thanks Mitchell Simoens for your reply.

    I am using "Alarm_filter_name" of data store "storedCriteriaDataStore " to populate combo box - See in below code snippet:
  5. I am creating a filtering form that contains various combo box and buttons. One combo box is used to display all stored filters from DB.
    Whenever I save a new filter or delete an existing filter by...
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