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  1. I noted a workaround in my comment:

    This doesn't work if you have multiple concurrent instances of a viewcontroller, but for single instance view controllers and regular controllers you can...
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    For anyone else still dealing with this, I've added the 2 overrides needed to restore basic tagfield functionality to my package of hotfixes for ext- (MIT license):...
  3. I've run into this issue as well, I haven't isolated what causes this path of code to run, for me it's happening when a grid that hasn't been rendered yet is switched to as the active tab in an...
  4. See fiddle:

    With 5.0.0 and any theme, a loadmask created with .setLoading('string') on any component inside a window isn't visible because it's rendered below...
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    Here is a minimal fiddle i just put together when i ran into this issue:

    @Gary do you have an override we can use or an ETA on 5.0.2?

    Since 5.0.2 is a 2nd...
  6. As one of the many developers that has to write hotfixes for Sencha frameworks all day and shares them on the forum, this job would be far less confusing if the code could be followed via pull...
  7. The docs for getTarget say that the second param, maxDepth, can be provided as an element.

    The framework code that ultimately handles it though:

    findParent: function(simpleSelector,...
  8. The root of this problem seems to be this chunk in

    if (controllerId.isController) {
    id = controllerId.getId();

    getId() returns...
  9. I thought I had encountered this bug too, but there seems to be an unrelated one specifically in 5.0.1 that using using control in config doesn't fix:...
  10. This looks similar to following issue, but I believe it is distinct as that thread links to fiddles running 5.0.0.x whereas mine fails only in 5.0.1 and the prescribed fix there doesn't help:...
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    Here's the best way I've worked out to get Sencha CMD to prefix my common.js with Ext.boot:

    1) Copy ext-debug.js with the repoDevMode/loadSyncBasePrefix lines removed to somewhere in your...
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    My workaround right now is to take ext- from the release, delete the following lines from the bottom of it that cause it load a bunch of uncompressed stuff from the start, and...
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    It seems that with 5.0.1, simply loading your production app.js with your own bootload process is no longer sufficient. Ext.Loader has a new hardcoded dependency on Ext.Boot being defined, and it is...
  14. I just ran into this issue, it is confusing given what the ViewController docs say about named scope being a new feature

    In this circumstance:

    listeners: {
    element: 'el',
  15. @mitchell

    what should the response look like if it's a store sync operation with multiple records? Would errors go in each returned model or be keyed some other way?
  16. Here's my override hotfix if anyone else can use it:

    * Fixes error "cannot load phantom...
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    I've found with recent versions of CMD and ExtJS it's nearly impossible to get a slim build out of Sencha CMD. I used to be able to get it down to 250-300K when i didn't require any...
  18. Thanks, that helped me find an effective workaround... I just moved that add listener to a procedural call to this.control(...) within the ViewController's init() template method
  19. Thanks Evan!

    For my curiosity can you give me any hints on how an add listener that doesn't even match anything can break that chain? I did a ton of digging and couldn't find any connection :(
  20. FWIW here's my override for adding glyph support to actioncolumn:
  21. This is possibly the slimiest bug I've ever caught, here's the Fiddle:

    Open up your JS console, if you toggle any of the menucheckitem components inside...
  22. Current code looks like this:

    setHref: function(href) {
    var me = this;

    me.href = href;

    // Disabled links...
  23. See this fiddle:

    There are two toolbars, the first one without overflowHandler: 'menu' and the second one with

    When you expand the hamburger menu in the...
  24. See

    In both cases, the <a> tag in DOM gets its href attribute set.

    In the second case though, where the href property wasn't set in the initial config but...
  25. onValueStoreRemove: function() {

    if (this.filterPickList) {;

    onValueStoreChange: function() {
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