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  1. Hi,
    did you find a solution?
  2. Hi,
    when i try to package a little app (has just one field with a label) from archtiect (for iOS Simulator) I receive the following error message:

    Copy operation failed...
  3. Hi Don,
    as suggested I added those 3 classes to the "requires" list which "did the trick". But now I get new error messages upon loading.

    [E] Ext.panel.Table.initComponent(): A column...
  4. Hi Don,
    after fixing the first error, I also fixed the second one by editing the generated all-classes.js. The issue is obviously that the content of Spacer.js is not part of the generated...
  5. Here you go. Your support is much appreciated.
  6. Do you mean a debug log during the compile?
  7. Hi,
    I started all over again and now the command produced a myclasses.js.

    Now when I run the index.html in Chrome I receive the following messages and the page does not load.

  8. Hi Don,

    I followed your advice and copied .sencha folder from a freshly generated App and then ran the command (copied from my console):

    sencha compile union -r -file app/app.js and concat -out...
  9. Ran the command as follows:

    sencha compile union -r -file app/app.js and concat -out myclasses.js

    Same result. Empty file.

  10. Hi,
    here are the responses and attached is the log.
    Re 1: yes.
    Re 2: yes. .sencha/app has build-impl.xml, plugin.xml and sencha.cfg; .sencha/workspace has plugin.xml and sencha.cfg
    Re 3: the one...
  11. Hi,
    I understand, but the problem was that the log contained more than 10,000 lines and the text file was ca. 2.5MB in size which I wasnt able to upload. If you provide an email address I can send...
  12. Hi,
    the command line is as follows:

    sencha -debug compile -classpath=ext/src,app union -r -file app/app.js and concat -out myclasses.js

    The log is attached. I have removed most entries that...
  13. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I am just doing the compile step.

    sencha compile -classpath=app.ext/src pahe -yui -in ./index-in.html -out ./index.html
    Now I was expecting that the new index.html...
  14. Hi,
    tried the command with my app. Runs thru without errors, but myclasses.js is empty. ANy idea why?
  15. Hi,
    I hope I learned my lesson and will follow the guidelines for reporting a bug.

    Cmd Version:
    OS: MacOS X 10.8.2
    Framework: 4.1.1a

    I have build an app that runs w/o...
  16. Well, after reading more posts and starting from scratch again I found the main issue which is that Sencha Architect is generating a proper file structure for later use with Cmd.

    So it means that...
  17. Just to make sure I created a simple App with Sencha Architect 2.1 and then compiled it in the same manner. Result is very similar (just other JS classes).

    [ERROR] Circular requires reference...
  18. Hi,
    after many hours of reviewing posts and docs I finally get this message. Any hint is appreciated.

    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.181
    [INFO ] Compiling page null
    [INFO ] Processing...
  19. Hi,
    as always it helps to see that others have the same issues. Unfortunately I do not see a solution (also not on STackOverflow). Would be really great if someone would have the kindness to explain...
  20. Yes, that was exactly the reason why I wanted to switch everything to AJAX, but unfortunately as I tried to explain the relating Stores and Panels (Treepanel and Dataview) are not supplied with the...
  21. Well, it looks like i wasn't able to describe the issue in enough detail. So, I try again:

    AJAX-proxy does NOT work with treepanel and dataview on any platforms I tested.

    JSONP-proxy does NOT...
  22. Hi,
    sorry, but the issue is a bit complicated and longer to explain so here is part of it.

    I have an app that has different types of panels (gridpanel, dataview and treepanel). All three panels...
  23. Hi,
    honestly I am not quite sure what the issue is. I opened the link in Chrome on Mac and everything seems to work, but I have an app that also has issues on older Vista and XP machines (any...
  24. Hi,
    I have now tried for the past 12 weeks to try to achieve this which I was hoping was pretty simple, but no luck and no useful response to prior posts. Going thru dozens of hints from other posts...
  25. Replies
    Hi, sorry for the delay, but here is what works for me:

    1. one should read the documentation on Google Maps (is really good):...
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