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  1. It works with pixel based icon. That you understand why the bug happen is great, that doesn't make it less a bug. Menu item also support iconCls by the way...
  2. I see it now, maybe you could also fix ->
  3. It's still not showing up.
  5. 51852
  6. The code says it's a warning but it's calling Ext.Error. They are ways to create a warning instead of an error and throwing an exception.
  7. Extract from:

    function warnDuplicate(id) {
  8. Any known workaround?I have open Sencha ticket 21763 for this old issue known since October 2014.
  9. 51843
  10. What I really want is ext-all.js that I can actually see useful line number, so... I modify build.xml to remove compress in:

    <for list="ext,ext-all,ext-all-rtl" param="file">
  11. Looks like ext-all.js is really ext-all-debug.js. I thought the difference between the two was the same class but with debugging assertions...Also it seems the hardcoded UR Lis wrong since it's...
  12. I have super simple application that do not use Sencha Cmd.

    So we just include ext-all.js.

    My understanding, is this include all the classes including:

    Ext.define('', {
  13. Replies
    Updating!/api/Ext.Img-cfg-glyph to show the use of font awesome with color, shadow, overlay and others would be useful.
  14. They are never resolved 'quickly'. However, they bump up a little bit on the priority list. You can see in the nightly build that most of the time, they have the equivalent of one developer or less...
  15. This has an open bug since August 2014, so to see if Sencha paid support has any benefit I have open a Sencha support ticket -> 21708
  16. We have a Sencha ticket for this -> 20873
  17. This is obviously a major issue, it's UI data corruption, assuming your clients are enterprises, that cannot looks good.We have a support ticket since January 5th, 2015 for this: 20873
  18. We have Sencha support ticket 20873 for this since Jan 05, 2015.
  19. My problem was solved by calling Ext.tip.QuickTipManager.init();But it still wrong that the symptom of not calling Ext.tip.QuickTipManager.init is that much hard to link to the original problem. I...
  20. Opened support ticket-21676 for this since it's dragging and I got hit again by this in a new app.
  21. Compared to other thing, like Ext JS, bugs reported against Sencha Cmd are often not acknowledged or status updated. However, many times they are still fixed.

    Since my reports I have seen...
  22. Both EXTJS-16505 and EXTJS-16794 were listed at least starting with ext- but code about them modified or added in ext-
  23. Lately, release notes doesn't mentions many different commits.

    We are all developers right? How am I suppose to work with complex framework like Ext JS if I don't have access to GIT, JIRA, and...
  24. Override fixing the issue, well, at least in my app:

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.Floating', {
    override: 'Ext.util.Floating',
    privates: {
    _onAlignToScroll: function () {
  25. The fix that involved to recently add method _onAlignToScroll
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