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  1. Thanks Gary
  2. Just looking back at my old bug posts. I believe this issue can be closed, it was most likely an issue on my side.


  3. Ext Version Tested - 4.1.3

    Browsers Tested In - IE8, IE9, Firefox (multiple versions but currently using 24.0)
    Issue only arises in IE8. Firefox and IE9 work fine.

    Description of issue - When...
  4. No, that should be the default behavior. Make sure your grid panel is taking up the entire length of your viewpane. Making it smaller may cause the 2 rows that you are describing. Or maybe the data...
  5. Not sure I understand your question, but if the items go over the maximum width of the screen/panel they are sitting in, the scrollbar should appear to allow you to scroll to the right. There are...
  6. Just wondering if there was any progress related to this bug.

    Also is there a way of tracking bugs without downloading the latest ExtJS version and trying to see if the bug is fixed yourself, or...
  7. oops sorry, i didnt see you had the reader in the model already with the root param set.

    I'd work one step at a time. Take that json data that is being returend from the server and instead of...
  8. You should set the root of your store to be "lois" according to your json data being returned. Add this to your store:

    reader: {
    type: 'json',
    root: 'lois'
  9. Thanks for the simple solution. Deselecting all prior to calling remove() worked. I thought I wouldnt need to do the deselectAll until I called grid.loadData([],false) but I guess it needs to be...
  10. Hello,

    I have a grid which I load with data from a store. I have the functionality where a user can clear the contents of the grid by clicking a button. I want the contents to not only be removed...
  11. I have yet to upgrade to 4.2.1 but intrigued if i should to resolve this issue. There are conflicting statements on this thread as to whether this issue was fixed. Could a sencha representative...
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    Thanks again slemmon. After numerous failed attempts messing around with listeners for the stores and comboboxes, I used your suggestion of a standalone Ajax request to get the data I am looking for...
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    Thanks slemmon, much appreciated. Your example helped out.

    I do have one problem with this approach though. What if you are using a store that loads its data remotely? Every time you create a new...
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    I am missing something regarding the last comment related to store: { type: 'store' }

    I have the same exact issue as tangalla, and attempted to resolve the filtering taking affect on all...
  15. My case is unfortunately not simple :(. It will probably make your life more difficult hehe.

    What you need to do is

    - Create 2 grids and a store associated with those grids. Add the first grid...
  16. Ok, thanks slemmon
  17. I am getting the store associated with the current grid yes. I solved my problem though here were the issues.

    1. When I was removing data from the store, it was being flagged as removed records...
  18. Thanks slemmon, I pretty much did that. I cleared out the the data from the store/proxy by calling store.load() and passing in an empty array. That overwrites the data that is in there but considered...
  19. I beleive your store.sync is sending one request per record because the store's proxy batchActions is set to false (just guessing here). If batchActions is set to true, it would send only one request...
  20. Hello,

    I have a grid with a store/ajax proxy associated with it. I allow the user to search for data and the data appears in the grid by passing json data back from the server. The user can make...
  21. This was an error on my part. My function submitStarted() references the variable currentStore, but it is not in scope and is undefined in that particular method. I called this.getStore() and...
  22. Hello,

    I have a grid panel that is associated with a store. When a user clicks a button, I want the data changed in the panel to be synched with my server. I therefore call store.sync() to do...
  23. You can set each record to dirty and I believe that the store will think that there is a change that needs to be synched. If you end up putting the form data in the model of the store, changing that...
  24. Hello,

    I have multiple grids in my ExtJS 4.2 application that are associated with multiple stores (one per grid). I have a main panel and buttons where users can choose a grid they want to view....
  25. You could add your form's data as extra params in the writer of the proxy of your store and execute via store.sync(). Make sure the extra params are variables set but the current contents of the...
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