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  1. Apparently there's a known issue with IE7's ability to assign html to a DOM element's innerHTML since IE5. Doing some searching I found this solution:

    var newdiv =...
  2. Using ext-3.2.1 I created a button in a toolbar like this...

    html: "<input type='button' value='Delete' />",
    handler: this.onDeleteIt'll render in Firefox no problem but not IE7. Using...
  3. Single and mulit select.

    Weird is right. Just learned this issue is occurring in FF 3.0.18 but not 3.0.12.
  4. No, I added a button that the user must click before any actions fire on the selected rows. Further testing has led me to this block of code in the JSP.

    <html:select property="propName"...
  5. I have a problem with performance of row selection in my grid panel. I'm using Firefox 3.0.18 and Ext JS 3.2.1. As I click the rows in my grid the time it takes for Ext to actually select the row...
  6. Nevermind. This thread answers my question.
  7. I have a need to call my own next() function for the PagingToolbar rather than the default moveNext() function because I'm calling SOAP services to get the data back. I'm not using a proxy in the...
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