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  1. I don't need any more assistance - following your latest comments thank you Animal, I've concluded that this is working against the grain of ExtJS and found a workaround which will suffice.

  2. I've removed layout:'fit' from the grid, autoHeight in the grid means it will resize according to the number of rows returned, however as it should be inherited from the container, I have removed...
  3. Sorry but I can't get it working. Also, the grid won't resize to the width of the browser after it is initially displayed. This is how it displays (I refreshed, then expanded the browser slightly to...
  4. Thanks so much for your help. I'm creating a bare-bones prototype and trying to get that working before taking more of people's time. I'll post any successes or questions..
  5. I've removed the HTML divs and the render calls, renderTo and el are unspecified, I've fixed my setActiveItem calls, to:

  6. You are right - I render like so before adding it to the Viewport - is this wrong? Thanks so much for your help.

    var renderGrid = function()
    grdAudit.getView().scrollOffset =...
  7. Always like your replies Animal - you answer with the reason rather than the solution which makes sure it's understood.

    That is the behaviour I'm after - I always hide one grid before showing the...
  8. Please can someone help!

    I've now tried adding my grids to a viewport, but now I lose my browser scrollbars, and whichever grid I add last to the viewport still expands beyond the right of the...
  9. Thanks hugely devnull!

    To anyone reading - how can I constrain a Ext.Window to the browser window? I am using the following but it extends far to the right of the browser window:

  10. Should "autoHeight: true" imply "scrollOffset: 1" automatically?

    Edit: No - because autoScroll might be set in a parent container.

    PS. I found that "scrollOffset: 1" didn't work - I had to set...
  11. Unfortunately the css didn't work, but thanks very much again devnull for your help!

    On your tip about using a layout - what would your hunch be on the minimum for this? Do you mean put my grid...
  12. Found the tip to add this:

    .x-grid3-header-offset {
    width: auto;

    But if I shrink the width of IE quickly, this doesn't work - the inside of the grid lags behind the outside. If I shrink...
  13. Thank you devnull - you've got me on the right tracks - if I specify an explicit width instead of 'auto', the problem goes away.

    However I need it to resize - either to browser window width, or by...
  14. Thanks devnull. There is no layout code - I just create the grid and assign it to a hardcoded HTML DIV

    In the HTML page:

    <div id="grid-issue"></div>Then in the javascript I pass the div id to...
  15. Hi all

    Something I've done has broken the grid in IE 6 and 7 and I can't track it down so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas. It works fine in Firefox.

    The cells of the grid are not being...
  16. thanks - just had a look back to see how i could possibly have missed such an obvious solution and i was looking in the prompt instructions..:s
  17. Thanks for reading. I'm using Ext.Msg to get a string from the user:{
    title:'Issue Descriptions',
    msg: 'Please type in the issue descriptions...',
  18. my last post was a working solution. sorry for not making that clearer and thanks to anyone who spent any time on this! will post code more readily in future..

    i was inserting into row zero (based...
  19. Replies
    To add the ability to filter on id-based combos, add the following to set_filters_post_values:

    case "list":
    $this->where[] = " AND ".$this->field." IN (".$this->value.")"; // list...
  20. Replies
    dterle - set your options array to the same array you set your SimpleStore dataArray to, ie

    options: [['0', 'Mlle'],['1', 'Mme'],['2', 'M.']],(or better still have one named array variable that...
  21. the only solution i could find was in the afteredit event, set a boolean to true to indicate an auto-add was taking place, and add the row. then in the field that was wrongly getting focus, it's...
  22. I just reread this and it isnt clear - I'll try to simplify.

    What I want to do is when the user tabs out of a particular grid cell, add a row then put the cursor in it, (which I put in the grid...
  23. In the onafteredit event of my EditorGridPanel, if the user's leaving a particular field, I add a new row and place the cursor in it. This is so that the user can just tab to enter records (they have...
  24. This fix seems simpler and more 'with the grain' than mine. (And I was so proud :(( !!)
  25. denkoo your help helped me solve a related problem whereby I couldn't blank a populated drop-down (even if allowBlank=true and forceSelection=false - a UI bug) - posted here below the ExtJS bug...
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