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  1. Bump, we agree on there being a bug?
  2. Ehm, see both ways I do it. If I do it in constructor before callParent, it should work no?
  4. Something should be selected on right click. If you see the code, I remove the selected record right away. If nothing is selected, that's the bug.

    Right click a row, this selects it then deletes the selection.

    Right click at same place again. This time selection does not work (NavigationModel issue,...
  6. This 'refresh' method belongs to Ext.view.View
  7. Notice override vs overrides typo, this should crash hard on the console. Blank white page with Ext 5.0.1

    Ext.define("CZ.overrides.XTemplate", {



    Or ping me on Skype
  9. Includes Ext JS 5.1 support, touch support, task constraints, split task and much more. For more information, head over to our 3.0 blog post:
  10. Open

    Make browser window smaller so Ext window doesn't fit. Move Ext window, and see the shadow behind...
  11. Yup, fixed now sorry.
  12. When adding listeners at particular places in the GridView life cycle. Fiddle:

    try in iOS simulator
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    No, that's the reason. I'm only interested in the first error, since errors after that might simply be a side effect of the first one. But, you could log all you want :)
  14. For anyone else affected by this bug, we simply replace show method with Ext.emptyFn instead of using 'disable' which doesn't work reliably.

    // Disable = Ext.emptyFn;

  15. Remove

    layout: 'fit',
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    Looking forward to an awesome 2015!

  17. Yup, updated your Fiddle a bit. Bug seen here:

    Worked fine in Ext 4
  19. It should prevent the tip from showing, as it used to work in Ext 4.
  20. Could someone please look into this. Bit of a pain since all we do is post code snippets.

  21. 5.1.0

    initHandlers: function() {
    var me = this;
    me.onDelegatedEvent = Ext.bind(me.onDelegatedEvent, me);
    me.onDirectEvent = Ext.bind(me.onDirectEvent, me);
  22. Haven't looked into where it comes from, just saw it pop up in Siesta.
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    @dmurat: Not yet, we're not recording 'perfect' tests yet - only coordinate clicks which could be a bit fragile. To properly record 'real' Siesta tests we'd need to put a decent chunk of Siesta code...
  24. Here's a hack we've used before but now removed in our 5.x codebase. Would be nice to delay this piece of code to first mousemove event detected on the header.

  25. Ok thanks, looking forward to the next update!
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