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  1. I think I solved my own problem.... all I had to do was change -after-init to -before-build and now everything seems to work as expected.
  2. Hey, you're right! Thanks! I didn't realize that Ext.form.field.Combo extends Ext.form.field.Text.

    Good to hear from you, Andy. Hope all is well.
  3. (Is that you, Andy? ;))

    Thanks for this suggestion - I guess I may have to go this route. The nice thing about our existing implementation is that it works across all sorts of fields, not just...
  4. In Ext JS 4, I was able to add a red asterisk before a field label to identify that field as required very simply:

    Ext.define('CmdPackages.utils.Labelable', {
    override: 'Ext.form.Field',
  5. This problem still exists in Sencha Cmd
  6. When creating a new view with "sencha generate view", why not add the generated ViewController and the ViewModel to the View's requires property? This will avoid the console warnings and the need to...
  7. On October 9th, I downloaded Sencha Cmd from the support area thinking it was the latest version. Now I see you have quietly replaced it with I regenerated my apps with
  8. I now know what the problem is, but I could use some advice on how to fix it....

    We have a handful of packages stored in their own git repository, and we've modified our app's build.xml to copy...
  9. Here is more info: my app uses a couple of packages that were generated with Sencha Cmd For some reason, it's thinking that files in those packages are changing when they are not:

  10. OS X 10.9.5
    Java 1.7.0_25
    Ext JS
    Sencha Cmd

    I have a small application in a workspace with a custom theme. When I run sencha app watch, it waits for changes, then it...
  11. It's good to know that these warnings can be safely ignored, but, in my opinion, building a freshly generated app should not result in warnings of any kind. These warnings are still present using...
  12. Very easy to reproduce. Change to an empty directory and type:

    sencha -sdk <path to commercial version> generate app MyApp .
    this is what you get:

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.271
    [ERR] Cannot merge...
  13. I'd like to ask a conceptual question about saving model objects in Ext JS 4.x.

    Our application uses what is probably a very typical scenario: we load a model object into a form, then when the...
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    Art, the latest post about DeftJS (originally posted on 6/24 but reposted on 7/4) looks good - no more HTML-encoded special characters. Good job!
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    I'm using, so I deleted that feed in Feedly and re-created it using However, I'm seeing the same result, and, oddly, if I copy the...
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    Hi Art - yeah - just the encoding issue. Just wondering if there's anything you guys can do to fix that. I follow a ton of blogs and the Sencha blog is the only one that has this issue in Feedly.
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    Is there anything you can do on your end to improve the readability of the Sencha blog on Feedly? Here's what it looks like:

  18. Thanks, Don - note that those properties are also present when generating a new app, and their values in app/sencha.cfg conflict with the values in app.json.
  19. bone - no need to apologize! I appreciate your response. And I won't argue with you because you're probably right. :-) Still, though, I think Sencha Cmd should be trimming each classpath string.
  20. bone - thank you but I'm already familiar with packages and didn't think I should have to create one for just a couple of classes.

    Mitchell - nice catch! That fixed it. Don't you think that...
  21. My client pages (apps) previously shared code via a directory in the workspace called "common" which I previously added to app.classpath in app/sencha.cfg. I've since moved this to app.json:

  22. I don't see a forum specific for Sencha Cmd 5, so I'll post here.

    When you generate a new Ext JS app with Sencha Cmd v5.0.0.116, the app/sencha.cfg contains several properties in the "Custom...
  23. Ok - thanks, Don. I've found a bunch of other issues that I'll have to start separate threads for when I have the time.
  24. Your recent blog post about Ext JS 5 states "We’ve also made smooth upgrades from Ext JS 4 a priority." Let's see if you really meant that, because I've never been able to upgrade any of my Ext JS...
  25. No but I did try sencha app upgrade <path to previously downloaded Ext JS 5>, but why would I try "sencha app upgrade -ext" if I have to upgrade to Sencha Cmd 5 first?
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