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    Hello everybody,
    I was trying to generalize the tips for the charts series for ExtJs 4.2.
    For "generalize" I mean creating a renderer for the tip that doesn't know the field related to the focused...
  2. Yes, that one was a really good extension, I used it a lot.

    ExtJS 4 stores had multiple field grouping, therefore it was only necessary to extend the grid to reach the goal.
    Now ExtJS 5 stores...
  3. Is there any plan to port this wonderful plugin to ExtJS 5?
  4. If I set an explicit column headers height, when resizing a column header the view doesn't sync column's body width.

    You can see it on this example:

    Ext.create('', {
  5. When you use a state provider, grid's nested columns starts working wrong.

    var cp = Ext.create('Ext.state.CookieProvider', {
    path: "/cgi-bin/",
    expires: new Date(new...
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    I reviewed the components and now the build ends right, but Architect still tells me my Publish Path is invalid:

    2:18:38 PM
    "C:/Users/m.napetti/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" app build testing
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    Hello everybody,
    I'm stuck with mi migration from SA2 to SA3, after my problems described in this yesterday's thread:...
  8. Hello everybody,
    I'm trying to port an ExtJS 4.2 project from Architect2 to Architect3, but I'm finding some problems...
    I solved some, but now, when I open index.html, it raises this exception:...
  9. I've found a simple solution: ComponentQuery relies on getRefItems to scan sub elements, so adding this method to the chart does the trick:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
  10. Hello everybody,
    is there a way to retrieve a chart axe or serie via ComponentQuery?
    I really need this because I want to control chart elements via controller.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong?...
  11. Ok, I tested with a "firebugless" firefox and I found out you're right, the problem isn't with firefox itself, but with the firebug extension.

    I can't understand, it's the only event affected this...
  12. I'm using ExtJS 4.2.1
    I can see the problem also on your fiddle.
    For example, after having clicked on a column you have to wait few seconds to see the events appears in the firebug console.
  13. After a few more tests, I've found that the bug affects all mouse events on the serie, you can test it with this example:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    fields: ['name',...
  14. I've found a bug with firefox and the 'itemclick' event on the chart series.
    On my tests, the bug is present only for bar, column, line and pie series.

    I've tested with firefox 28, chrome...
  15. I observed the resize problem happens when you use the panel handles, but if you use the border layout handles there isn't problem, so I solved this way:

    Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {
    width: 500,...
  16. Ok, the align stretch solves the vbox problem, but the panel resize problem is still present...
  17. I'm having big problems with a vertical layout panel.
    I could partially solve those problems, setting the layout to auto, but the panel still doesn't resize correctly.

    I have a dynamically...
  18. Ok, I feel so stupid, just 20 minutes after posting the bugreport I found the solution, after all yesterday afternoon lost testing on this problem...

    Can you please delete this thread, or mark it...
  19. I'm having a big problem in retrieving toolbar elements from my controller.

    My application is dynamically loaded via ajax, so I can't copy here the true application, but a similar example could be...
  20. I've already lost many hours searching for the refresh loop problem, without finding a cause, can you give me some suggestions about where you think the problem could be?

    Another little bug is the...
  21. Really good plugin, is there a way to make the plugin compatible with remote stores? Disabling the init check (who throws an error because Ext.warn doesn't exists) results on an infinite loop of...
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    I'm trying to use your plugin, my grid needs to often change its columns, but when I call
    this.reconfigure(null, aColumns); this exception gets throwed:
    this.containers[] is...
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