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  1. looking for an answer to this aswell...
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    Wow i didn`t even see that in the docs. I guess i didn`t search enough. Thanks!
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    I guess no one knows how to do this... it seems simple though.
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    Is it possible to add a tooltip to a fieldset title..., ive been searching the forum without finding a solution. The only thing i found was the following

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    This might be a newb question, but how to do you apply this patch?
    do you simply copy paste it in your code and it should do the job?

  6. To whom this may help,

    It seems that the grids in Extjs, in my case, have an issue with IE browser mode "Internet Explorer 8 Compability View".

    If the browser mode is IE8 or IE7 and does not...
  7. To whom this may help,

    I found the solution to my problem via:

    It seems that...
  8. I have the same error

    I can`t figure out how to fix this. I can reproduce it in...
  9. I am having an issue which i cannot seem to solve. Most of my grids are acting weird. All hidden columns show up in the grids and the columns end up not lining up with the column headers (view...
  10. Solution:
    Forgot to encode it in JSON before sending it

    My bad for not searching enough
  11. Hello,

    I am using ext direct to send my form which includes a file upload and an array, view code below..
    The teachers param below is an array.

  12. layoutOnTabChange actually did it!!

    Thanks alot for your help!
  13. Thanks for your quick response,

    The tabpanel does not use deferedRender or layoutOnTabChange, they are currently set to the default value as follow:

    deferedRender: true
  14. I have just downloaded Extjs 3.2 and the bug doesnt seem to have been fixed, i tested the issue in chrome, mozilla and explorer.

    Is there any way to bypass this bug or fix it in any way?
  15. Hello all

    I didnt know where to post this, but im creating a registration form and im using a tabPanel for the main part of the form. When i validate the fields, the error icon of the fields in...
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