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    Ah I see, I just need to move the scope reference one step up, thanks! I'll give that a try.
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    I'm still getting then hang of scope in EXT JS. I'm having a bit of trouble with getting a callback function to invoke a function that is a property of a controller object.

    Essentially I want...
  3. I'm building an EXT JS app that users will authenticate with and their session will expire after a fixed time period (ex 15 minutes) of inactivity. The server will take care of session expiration,...
  4. Okay cookies it is then, I use a combination of server-side session data (using a database to store session properties for security) and the non-sensitive data I share with the client for easier...
  5. I'm creating my first large ext-js web application and I have a question about creating a client-side session object.

    In other web applications that I've built in the past, when the user...
  6. I have a login form, just a username and password field. I'm wondering what the best way to display an 'invalid username or password' message that would be returned from the server on form...
  7. dockedItems: [{ xtype: 'toolbar',
    dock: 'bottom',
    layout: 'hbox',
    pack: 'center',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
    text: 'menu button',...
  8. I've been struggling a lot lately, and surprisingly no one has really offered any suggestion as to what is going wrong with Ext JS 4.

    I'm trying to create an extremely simple drag&drop example. My...
  9. I'm attempting to learn extjs 4 and I've been struggling with drag and drop for the past couple of days. I've attempted to build a simple application with a viewport and 1 panel. I've set the panel...
  10. The application consists of a viewport and two panels. One parent, the child draggable. The parent panel is the dropzone and the child has the "draggable:true" property.
  11. I'm trying to implement a draggable panel within another panel. I've set up the parent panel to be a dropzone, and i've set the child panel to have the property "draggable: true".

    This is a quick...
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    I think I'm running into the same bug in my post (referenced...
  13. I've also noticed that in the examples, panels that have the draggable: true property are not draggable. They snap back to their original location instead of remaining where they're dragged to.
  14. Any help here guys? Still pretty lost.
  15. Thanks @flanders, I would have to assume the approach of dynamically adding views/panels depending on the login result is probably less resource intense than trying to load all of the views...
  16. I'm attempting to add a small panel within another panel and allow users to drag it around the screen.

    Ext.define('CS.view.StartScreen', { extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
  17. Hi there,

    I'm working on learning Ext JS 4 and I have a general advice question:

    I'm developing a web application that will have two different user interfaces for two different types of users....
  18. I'm new to ExtJS 4, and I'm very curious about the combination-desktop-like environment example here:

    I'm basically wondering...
  19. After some hunting around the internet I realized I didn't execute this.callParent(); at the end of my initComponent function
  20. Hi guys,

    I'm very new to Sencha & EXT JS 4 -- I'm attempting to build my first application. I want to create a login prompt that after successful authentication displays a 'welcome screen' to...
  21. Hi @crysfel,

    Your app looks great, thanks for getting back to me. I'm still steadily working away at understanding Ext JS 4. I do like to see how you've integrated codeigniter into your project. I...
  22. Hi there,

    I'm new to Sencha and Extjs 4 and I would like to eventually build a suite of tools in the fashion of the 'Desktop' demo application that comes bundled with the sdk. However this looks...
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