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  1. Hi there,

    I'm not using the default resources path and run into some troubles:

    I'm using the following folder structure for my build:

  2. Replies
    Since I was just searching for the same thing I'd like to complement, that since 4.1.0 there's another config option with which this can be done a little easier:
  3. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev 883

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 30
    FF 25

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  4. The above task-call was only missing "=" between the parameternames (-t & -f) and their values. So this is working:

  5. Thanks for the info. Since I didn't manage by now to completely remove the lines recognized by my regex instead of just replacing them with a blank I just asked a question on stackoverflow:...
  6. I'm trying to minify an additional file that is not included in the whole build process after the build finished.
    I think this could be done from within the build.xml file by calling the sencha...
  7. As I've learned from this post one can easily alter strings in the index.html file after it has been built by simply putting some code into the -after-page section of the build.xml file:

  8. Sure, I already use the controllers config in my application class but there I also have to use the whole name for the controllers from my common sources:

  9. Ok, I have to deep a little into our architecture here:

    We are developing a multi page app with some page independent code and some shared common code. Basically all this code is within a global...
  10. Ok, that's what I already thought is happening. What are the reasons that the controllers are not keyed by the alternateClassName(s) also?

    IMHO it would make sense to do that to avoid unexpected...
  11. I just realized that alternate class names for controllers don't work the way I expected them to:

    Ext.define('AppName.controller.subnamespace.Controller1', {
    extend: '',
  12. You can do this by setting the correct CSS styles. In your example the following would do the trick:

    .thumb-wrap {
    display: inline-block

    That depends on the markup in your...
  13. Hy there,

    is there any way to automatically replace some defined text in my development index.html during build process?

    In my development environment I include a file called bootstrap-libs.js...
  14. No, I didn't find a real workaround for it except using a border instead of the vbox layout which works just fine. As mentioned earlier I had to do some overnesting to realize this...
  15. @slemmon As already said in the other thread in the bugs forum, I do fully understand that there won't be no official update for old versions. Therefore it's not exactly helpful if you repeat this...
  16. As described in this thread, there's a bug in 4.1.1a that won't allow programmatic hiding of columns in a tree with hidden headers.
    Because this is already fixed in 4.1.2 the thread is already...
  17. @slemmon: I'm aware of the fact, that you don't provide official patches for old versions but still I'd really appreciate if someone could point me to a workaround or something so that i can make...
  18. One more thing: I've noticed that this is working in Ext 4.1.2 but unfortunately cannot switch to the new version by now.
    Therefore I'd really appreciate if someone could point out a way to fix this...
  19. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1a

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 26

  20. Hy there,

    how can i create an Ext.form.Label that is always surrounded by a div without losing all the functionality of the label (setText, ...)?
    I've already played a little with autoEl,...
  21. The "solution" for me was to update the framework from 4.0.2a to 4.1.1. Sorry that I can't help no more but I'd suggest you to open a new thread and maybe asking the same question on stackoverflow if...
  22. Hy there,

    I have a very basic example with a grid with only 1 item and a button which updates this entry with the set-method of the underlying record.

    The problem is, that if the item is...
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    I just set up a little sample-project with some basic code to create a MVC-App which shows some static data that is received from Ext-Direct with PHP (see the attached ZIP-File for the...
  24. @mitchellsimoens
    Thanks, that brought me a little further:

    I just have to call the onRemove-method of the abstract view:

    itemclick: function(view,...
  25. Thanks for the code. This is exactly what I was just looking for. Unfortunately the dataview does not update correctly after manipulating the store (deleting, updating records, ...).

    Do you have...
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