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  1. Well, you've changed the order of lines so effectively manipulated the output, but that does not affect the call tree (order of method calls).

    What's more important is how they are called. So the...
  2. Let's disect it one more time:

    So the callParent chain, before adding a mixin, is as follows: - the super class - the base
    So the execution would come from top...
  3. From docs:!/api/Ext.Mixin

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.Mixin',
  4. Same here.
  5. Actually, my case is even more complex because I wanted to have a separate sub-session for the form... Basically you can select a record in the store grid, selection is bound to sub-session (and...
  6. Cool Saki :-)

    I've actually worked around it in a similar way, basically attaching to the bound record and checking dirty - when it changes I poke the VM with viewModel.set('isDirty',...
  7. Not really. Release notes don't mention that bug :-(
  8. Demo:

    Have a grid in a border layout region.
    In that grid, have a widget column.
    Bind a store to the grid with X number of rows.
    Re-bind another store...
  9. Ext 5.0.1 GPL
    Have an app with moderate number of panels (i.e. a few grids, tab panels, full-screen border layout etc.)
    Test the app in devel mode sencha app watch - open...
  10. The base won't work well if you want different paths, like me. For example I'd put production in "public/app", and development in "app/build/development".

    I just hope they sort it out.

  11. It fails miserably with GPL version.

    sencha -sdk ~/Downloads/ext-5.0.1 generate app -ext MyApp . ⏎ ✭ ✚ ✖ ✱ ➜ ◼
    Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.250
    [ERR] Unable to locate...
  12. The core of the problem is that json files have no higher priority over .properties and .cfg.
    I've just wasted 1.5h trying to debug it.

    Solution (for cmd 5.0.1):

    Go to...
  13. Oh, so that is assuming the backend sends something like:

    id: 1
    name: "John Doe",
    groupId: 5,
    group: {
    id: 5,
    name: "Cool users"
  14. You're right mate - that's the cause of the problem.

    The underlying problem is the incompatibility - docs clearly state that Reader supports embedded entities, so there's no reason why one would...
  15. Cool!
  16. Create an element with xtype: 'segmentedbutton'
    Add one or more child-buttons with values.
    Have a VM with a value to use, i.e. viewModel: { data: { someVMData: "foo" } }
    Bind the segmented...
  17. It is a bug.

    "Nested data" is a basic feature of!/api/

    As "associations" (schema) in current 5.0.* form...
  18. Have a component (i.e. a grid) with { loadMask: true }
    Bind the component's store to VM store i.e. { bind: '{myStore}' }
    Load the store.
    A load mask appears when data is loading.
  19. FYI: I've updated the workaround fiddle. There's a few more places where this bug will surface. Latest update fixes the update of references i.e. when using bound records.
  20. Can I have an example please ?
  21. Have a store with a session: true
    Have 2 entities, with manyToOne relation
    Have backend serve the entity with the related entity embedded
    When I call the reference method it loads...
  22. I've recently attempted replacing the entity on the right side of relation when creating association store.

    Basically, I've created an override of
  23. It lives in /examples/executive-dashboard/
  24. btw: I have full control over the backend - I just want Ext to try to load the matrix from the server (query the many to many association). If restful is not ready yet, I'll take anything that does...
  25. I'm not opinionated on exact method/uri where Ext should look for the data...

    I still believe it is a bug, because when you try to query the relation Ext will query the left side store/proxy...
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