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  1. One reason this could happen is if there is a custom class but it uses xtype that is attributed to an ext class.

    Ext.define('myapp.view.DataView', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Container', // [1]
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    Ext.define('My.component.TappablePanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    initialize: function () {
    this.element.on('tap', function(){
    }, this);
  3. I have a form-panel sitting inside a window which is minimizable. The form-panel contains a toolbar with a few buttons. Some of these buttons are hidden based on certain conditions. If I minimize the...
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    Hello There,

    I want to keep using the gsp pages for various reasons (for e.g. i want to be able to render a link if the user has a specific permission and use grails security plugin tag libs for...
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    Is this already done in another component? If not do you mean to say that I write the above extra code modifying your paging store or should I start fresh by extending the Store itself.
  6. Hi SreevaniN

    Kindly see my response here
  7. Hi Please see my reply here
  8. Hi Swarnendude,

    I faced the exact same problem and after going through this forum and the documentation plus my own experiments I came to the conclusion that as of now you cannot read cross domain...
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    I tried using viewport. The problem is I also have a panel inside the view port which I need a reference to. ...
  10. Hi chu_man_fu
    Can you please post a quick example of code demonstrating basic connectivity with Streamhub.
    Regards and Thanks in advance
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