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  1. If you purchased a license of Ext JS without support right now, you would get version 4.2.1.

    4.2.2 is only available to Support subscribers. The release of frameworks is explained in a bit more...
  2. I recently put together a map showing most of the Sencha Meetup groups:

    It looks like the closest ones to you at the moment...
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    Hi Allister,

    I've had a bit of time to do some reading on OAuth authentication with Twitter, and I'm sharing below what I've found out so far...

    It appears there are two ways of authenticating...
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    Hi, I've just sent you a private message with my contact details - please contact me directly and I'll be able to help you further.

  5. Looks very nice! :)
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    You could try looking on our Sencha Market website, which has a Themes section: Alternatively if you want a custom theme developed, you could search for a local developer...
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    Hi there,

    I've just found your original enquiry and responded to the questions you had. Apologies for the delay.

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    Yes, this is correct - Sencha Ext JS is for producing desktop web apps that run across all the major browsers: IE6+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 4+, Chrome 10+ and Opera 11+.
    Sencha Touch is for mobile,...
  9. Hi Marco,

    When doing "getUser", this is asynchronous so requires a callback function to get at the user instance. For example (from the documentation here:...
  10. I had a very similar error when I tested the packaging a few weeks ago - the solution for me was to execute the following command in Terminal before calling "sencha package build":

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    I believe an email will be going out soon to those who registered for the webinar. In the absence of that email though, the recorded webinar can be found on our Vimeo channel:...
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    Hi Evan,

    I've just replied to your original enquiry you submitted via the website - apologies for this being missed before.

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    You could also do "chart.series.add()", followed by "chart.refresh()" - I've used that before for adding new series to charts. E.g.

    type: 'line',
    axis: 'left',
  14. If you're just seeing "List Item" showing up in the List, then it sounds like the "itemTpl" property on the List hasn't been customised. Please make sure this property has been set to the following...
  15. Hi Michelle,

    I've attached a copy of the Architect project used in my demo video - hope that helps!

  16. If you need to add your own JS code in to the app.html page, you would need to place the code within a separate JavaScript file, then link that file in to the app.html page by adding a "JS Resource"...
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    I'd recommend looking at our SenchaDevs site ( - this is a directory of developers/companies who have experience using Sencha's technologies. You can search by skill and...
  18. I'd recommend looking at our SenchaDevs web site ( - this is a directory of organisations with experience in Sencha's frameworks. You can search the directory based on location,...
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    In the future, please remember to post your code using CODE tags.

    The following example should work for you. I've usually used the "maprender" listener to add markers after the render of the map....
  20. @mankz Hey Mats, sure I'll see what I can do! Please PM me your contact details, address etc, and I'll try and sort something out.
  21. @revolunet Nice to see another meetup group launching in Europe! I'll see if I can arrange for some Sencha swag to be sent to you. Please PM me your contact details, address etc.
  22. Hi Shawn,

    Try referencing the "grid.columns" property instead - this is an array of columns in the grid, so you should be able to pass in your column index to get a reference to the particular...
  23. I've also noticed this issue in Ext JS 3.4 when dragging a Window within IE9, plus other frameworks that have draggable components.

    For instance, drag the panel on this page within IE9, and the...
  24. There's already a group covering the south-west area :) We've had a few meetups in Bath -
  25. It'd be great if IE6 just disappeared, but unfortunately it's still being used on thousands of machines within the UK's Ministry of Defence, and that's likely to be the case for the next one to two...
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