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    hi guys,

    is the animate config still supposed to work?

    adding it inside the docs example still let the nodes expand / collapse instantly:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
  2. hi guys,

    this is a feature request. it would be nice to get an pickerConfig object to specify additional configs for the date picker.

    something like:

  3. hi guys,

    just noticed that creating a date picker with the disabled: true config throws an error.
    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setDisabled' of undefined "

    the class calls the...
  4. hi team,

    i just noticed that viewcontrollers are not able to pick up the render event in case you set a listener directly inside the view class.

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    creating high performant html5 animations with ext js is definitely a challenge, but possible:
  6. a bit slow but loads now. i would change the text-color for the logo / main menu. gray font on blue background is difficult to read. i do like the animations when scrolling down.

    will take a look...
  7. hi there,

    the loading spinner looks nice, but this is all i can see right now. some browser warnings, but i don't think they are related for not showing the website. using chrome.

    give me a...
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    Hi albertski,

    we are currently rewriting the SenchaCon App with Architect and are planning to release it as a tech demo. We are also creating a new backend using mongoDB, node.js and touch-node...
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    there should be no need to manually call doLayout.

    what i would do is adding a layout to the parent container (e.g. fit).
  10. take a look at:


    // Make Panel closable.
    if (me.closable) {
  11. did you try this one?!/api/
  12. not sure if you are talking about ext js or touch, please use the correct forums.

    in case you want to access data on a different domain, you can use jsonp:...
  13. not sure if i understand you correctly. the "post-loading" event is just load:!/api/
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    I am not here for some weeks in January, but we can schedule something for February. Any preferences?
  15. You can bind a store to multiple views, but this will apply the same sorting, grouping and filtering.

    In case you have a store with a server proxy (e.g. ajax), you can create a second store with a...
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    Your ideas look too complicated to me.

    The tabpanel on the left side can be build out of the box using tabPosition: 'left'.
    The other tabs look exactly like an accordion....
  17. take a look at:!/api/Ext.util.Positionable-method-getBox

    i would try:


    you can pass a selector to the parent call.
  18. store.find only works locally as pointed out in the docs:!/api/

    if you want to show the records you find, you can take a look at...
  19. dataIndex does not support nested structures.

    1) you can use a mapping inside your field definitions:!/api/

    2) you can use a...
  20. the UX has a CSS folder with 2 files, e.g.

    make sure to include them.
  21. like this?!/api/Ext.form.Panel-cfg-jsonSubmit
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    my favorite one is webstorm

    not free, but not expensive either.

    i think there are also many folks using sublime
  23. We just developed a new logic for filtering tree stores. Could already be inside the nightly builds.
  24. take a look at:!/api/Ext.util.Positionable-method-getBox

    you can call getBox() on each element (not class), so you need to figure out which element is the...
  25. for buttons this changed a while ago:

    * Creates a visual theme for a Button. This mixin is not {@link #scale} aware, and...
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