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  1. I am getting a bunch of GWT compiler errors of the form:

    Rebind result 'com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client.ButtonCell.ButtonCellAppearance' must be a class

    (and also for TreeAppearance, etc)....
  2. The GXT 3.x examples all seem to add the root view to GWT's RootPanel, as opposed to the strict layout RootLayoutPanel. Should we follow the same example? I'm simply curious as to why we shouldn't...
  3. The 'Tree' widget has a UIConstructor annotated constructor which allows its use in UIBinder, but the TreeGrid lacks this annotation. Is this just an oversight in the GXT 3.x beta, or is this on...
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    Referring to the TreeGrid (or even Tree) examples that use RequestFactory, it seems that you need to specify a loadConfig that is the same type as the tree nodes. Therefore, I don't understand how...
  5. Thank you for the clarification.

    1. Ok, so what happens when you try to run a Ext JS app on mobile? I assume it might display, but won't function properly?

    3. Ok, so it sounds like Ext JS is...
  6. 4. We are considering using Sencha to develop mobile apps, and we really like the Ext GWT feature set (allowing code written in pure Java). Will Ext GWT perform just as well on mobile platforms as...
  7. Hello,

    I posted a previous question about Sencha Touch vs. Ext JS and received some good feedback. However, I continue to be confused about the two different platforms.

    1. Can Ext JS code be...
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    Evan, thank you for the input. However, I'm still confused on two points.

    2. I assumed the Ext GWT layer was a Java/GWT wrapper around the existing Ext JS widgets. All GWT does is allow you to...
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    2. I'm asking how many of the Ext JS widgets do you have access to in the Ext GWT environment? All of them, or only a subset of them? Can you provide a list.

    5. Why would I want to mix Ext JS...
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    I forgot a few questions...

    4. The Ext GWT examples include some Chart examples. However, nowhere in the Ext GWT API documentation do I see any chart APIs. Were the GWT chart examples simply...
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    1. I am having a hard time discerning the difference between Sencha Touch and Ext JS. I initially made the assumption that Sencha Touch was built on top of Ext JS (meaning it imports that framework)...
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