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    Thank you for this answer ! I spend hours trying to figure out why nested data wasn't loading. The associationKey was the issue!
  2. My fix for this was to edit the DatePickerField's getPicker method to test for a null value before attempting to set the values of the DatePicker:

    getPicker: function() {
  3. This used to work prior to RC2 but no longer does. I'm trying to set the default value of the picker managed by a DatePickerField. I don't want to set the value of the DatePickerField as I want it to...
  4. I started seeing this problem again and figured out the issue. Thought I'd close the loop here as it's a stupid operator error on my part....

    Chrome was zoomed in/out form it's default view...
  5. I have a Sheet component that I am trying to animation from the left side of the screen and have it's top left corner align with the bottom left corner of my main toolbar which is docked to the top...
  6. I've used the following css to successfully hide the tip element when displaying a sheet:

    .x-anchor {
    width: 0px;
    height: 0px;
    display: none;

    This works to hide the Tip but...
  7. Looking for the same solution...
  8. I had no luck with the suggestion above or the docs for that matter. The above will only create a blank mask over the screen but will not show a spinner. I was able to show a mask and a spinner every...
  9. Nevermind, it's working now....
  10. Is it possible to override the default config in my custom xtype class when I create an instance of it in the items block of another class's config?

    For example:

    Ext.define('MyClass', {
  11. I'm a bit confused about one aspect related to this discussion.

    Is it possible to override the default config in my custom xtype class when I create an instance of it in the items block of...
  12. I'm trying to build sencha-touch.js using the touch.jsb3 included in the Beta 2 distribution. When I run this command:

    I get the following output. The JS files do appear to be created properly,...
  13. That works. Thank you! Docs aren't very clear about this.
  14. The docs and a previous bug report indicate that the drag and dragend events should ne firing for sliders now. They don't seem to be.
  15. FYI, I'm using onBefore on 'activeitemchange' to prevent then panel change. This works and the icon doesn't change but I can't click the icon that returns false more than once without clicking on...
  16. If you return false from an activeItemChange listener, the _activeItem variable in the TabBar still contains the improper index of the item that was not activated.

    This prevents proper processing...
  17. It would be really nice if the 'sencha create' command ad the option to include all JS files found in <script> tags in the html file it is parsing. Having to edit the JB3 file is a pain.
  18. Strange, I see what's in the attached image. I'm using Chrome 16.0.912.77 on Mac OSX. WHat about you?
  19. This bug is marked as fixed. Did you determine the issue?
  20. I've narrowed the problem down and it's strange. I've attached a complete working sample including the latest Sencha Touch B1 files required.

    On Chrome on OSX Lion, if I load the index.html...
  21. I realize that sencha touch is designed for mobile webkit-based browsers but during development, we've noticed that pickers aren't aligned properly in chrome but are fine in safari. The values in the...
  22. Great thanks!
  23. I have a form panel component that may get created and destroyed multiple times. The fieldset contained within it has an 'id' field of 'login_fieldset'. When the panel is first created using...
  24. Having the same problem and using setTimeout delay as a workaround.
  25. I figured out the problem here. I had custom destroy methods on my view that were not calling this.callParent(). Adding those calls back into my destroy methods fixed the problem.
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